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March 28, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat)


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I'm waiting for the movie.

I will buy this just to keep up on this blog

Hey now, this blog's been making bodily functions amusing and insightful for years....

I'm smelling "Pulitzer" here...

Well, obviously ANYONE can win a Pulitzer

Weren't those first published in "Dave Barry Turns Eleven?"

I wonder if he has a chapter of fart-ku...?

ROFL, bbescuela.....

I'm sure mud ghost-wrote a few.

AFKAT - what does it smell like?

I think other people are way too interested in that stuff as well. What does that say about them?

Now we know what Mother mudstuffin used to read to baby mud..

So what's wrong with being fascinated by burping, farting and snot? Just join any bunch of guys watching sport at a sports bar.

To quote someone or other,

"My nose is very runny.
Which you might think is quite funny,
But it's snot."

Burp,belch,fart...burp,belch,fart...I've a story that's a tart' bout a boy whose world was devoid of things that you and I avoid...berp,belch,fart...berp,belch,fart...this little boy went on his way to make money a new fashion way,he tooted his own horn to all that would or wouldn't listen and when he got older his bank account started to glisten...berp,belch,fart is someone you might know,so when your youngin lets one go...berp,belch,fart could someday be a show...ask Mr.Dave I'll bet he'll tell you so.

this is nothing new
although i must say i think
i missed my calling

I don't believe I want to hear the CD.

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