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March 30, 2007


(Thanks to Ken Morgan)


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Commie Terrorist Squirrels!!!

"Bushy-Tailed Recidivists" wbagnf an all girl punk band.

Oh say, can you see,
where the squirrel's nest might be?
Whose broad bushy tail
In the wind is seen flapping
And the police man's camera there,
Squir-rels exploding "in-there" (transformers)
Gave proof, through the nights
That the squirrels were still there
Oh say does that Star Spangled Banner disappear yet again,
Oe'r the land of the vet
And the home of the blog

They have GONE TOO FAR!!!

Those dirty varmits make our teenagers look good ...

I've always said, never trust any animal that calls itself a bushy-tailed recidivist.

Well, that's just too much. Although the camera did nopt appear to catch the little varmint in the process of stealing a flag...

Sic the Blogdog on them!

Or, the 'bot, d@mmit.

I wonder if he ever apologized to the kids he originally accused...

That's the perkiest report about "scruffy scoundrels" I've ever heard.

I'm surprised if the veteran himself isn't irked at her for putting that cutesy-irony humor voice into the whole story.

His "faith in humanity" might be restored, but I bet he's left with that bitter taste of being used by TV for its own entertainment and profit values.

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