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March 30, 2007


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Not the nicest way to be woken up, but it sure beats the Bobbit Alarm Clock.

Bitten in Dickey.

Bitten ON Dickey!


YAY Jeff!!

I would like to know why she did it. Maybe it's justifiable penicide.

Wonder if she will ever get another date. Major deal breaker.

The perky news team from KARE-TV really messed up on this one.

Dickey, ND is not in Dickey County, ND ... so the Dickey, ND on the map alongside the story is WORNG! ... merely sayin' ...

They can have it one way, or the other, but not both.

With sloppy reporting like this, how can you believe any part of the story?

(I'm guessin' tho, that there were some parts of this event that may have resembled real, actual events ... merely ... knowin' more Nodak geography than somebuddy from Minnepoopolis ...)

Confusion never reigns in Nodak ... it pours ...

(Partly caused by the fact that many towns and counties that share a name are not always where one might expect ...

For example:

Pembina is in Pembina County, but is not the county seat, that's Cavalier.
Cavalier, obviously, is not in Cavalier County, Langdon is the county seat of Cavalier County.
Towner is the county seat of McHenry County, so obviously it is not in Towner County ... and McHenry is not in McHenry County.
Rolette is in Rolette County, but Rolla is the county seat.
Bottineau is the county seat of Bottineau County.
Adams is not in Adams County.
Grand Forks is the county seat of Grand Forks County.
Burke is in Burke County, but is not the county seat.
Steele is not in Steele County.
Mercer is not in Mercer County.
Bowman is the county seat of Bowman County.
Hettinger is the county seat of Hettinger County.
There is no Springfield (town) in North Dakota. (So Bart Simpson does NOT live in Nodak.)
There is a Springfield Township, but that is merely 36 square miles of farmland, with a population density of less than one person per square mile ... the level set by the US GOVT. to tell whether an area is a "frontier" or not ...

Ya can't tell the players, without a program ...

These are merely the ones I can recall, without a decent map ... merely ... smarter about Nodak geography ... or did I mention that already?

Amanda Rall climbed into bed and bit the man in his private area.

Sounds like she invaded his den or gun room.

Excellent point, Jeff ... altho, somethin' about the "mood" of the story makes me suspect that this might've been in a mobile-home-type residence ...

If that's the case, or, it's an older home ... then the "den/gun room" would be either under the basement stairs, or in the smaller bedroom ...

Merely ... guessin' about some of my distant neighbors ... most of us aren't much into fancy architectural designagenessocityism ...

In a large city, Amanda she may well find men willing to pay good money for the service she offers. The tragedy of people stuck in a small town!

In a large city, Amanda may well find men willing to pay good money for the service she offers. The tragedy of people stuck in a small town!

Also, Jeff ... I'm suspectin' that alcohol may have somehow been a factor in this adventure on the Northern Plains ... merely ... um ... perty sure ...

The woman is now in the Dickey pokey for violating the penal code.

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