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March 12, 2007


Perhaps it's an ancestor of Walter.


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You need a special ceremony to transfer ownership of an oosik fosil? Could we use Fosilized Oosik as AGNFARB?

OK, OK...it was the HIGHEST oosik ever found. But what about the dimensions???

Walter, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Walter has the best tan, though.

There's got to be a 'rock hard' joke somewhere in this story, but in the interests of taste and decorum, I won't bring it up.

A bone from an animal of the ocean found 285 meters above sea level - talk about global warming!!!

Iceland? Gotta be some shrinkage issues here.

some dave like person is probably responsible for its location. centuries from now scientist will marvel at walter's discovery in miami.

I've been workin' in a gravel mine, goiin' down down.. Workin' in a gravel mine WHOOPS about to slip down..

Haha! He handed the bone over to the museum!

We need a picture!

And DNA testing. (to determine the Walter connection)

"We use every part of Walrus as our ancestors did before us."
"Every part?"
"Yes. even that part has use."

Well if it was anyone it was Walter. No DNA test needed.

...she considered the bone an extraordinary object and said she was pleased...

I'm sorry, really I am, but sometimes copy just begs to be taken out of context.

Guys! Always taking things out of context!

I believe Oosiks make great Axe Handles, at least the Vikings thought so...

The Viking women had other uses for them, too. ;)

What, nobody's going to mention that the vet's name is "Sigurdur Sigurdsson?" This is quite possibly the greatest name in the history of everything, and the blog ignores it. Must be Monday...

cu cu ka chu baby

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