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March 28, 2007




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Sure hope the pilot was wearing an in-flight diaper.

shhzzcckrr.....this is your captain speaking, uhhh, we cruising at an altit - holy sh!t...we're all going to die!!!

...wait...no...we're ok...

*ducks* (har!)

More like...

"This is your captain crappin' his pants"

"Aukland Center, this is LAN 291, and we're going to need some special help upon arrival. Can I get 286 fresh pairs of underwear delivered to the gate?"

The Russian space junk was later identified as Yakov Smirnoff's career.


"And that, children, is how I became a member of the piled high club".

"Control, this is LAN 1754 heavy. I have a large object, immediately to starboard, traveling at a high rate of speed and on fire!"

"Roger, LAN 1754, that's just a Russian satellite re-entering and crashing into the sea."

"Thank you, Control. I am now climbing to 35,000 feet and soiling myself."

Judy, finish up...I have to make an annoucement...

*madly presses flight attendant call button to summon quick delivery of a strong cocktail.*

"At the time, a Russian official said any potentially dangerous substances on Mir's fragments would be burned off during re-entry."

Yeah, jet fuel would do that...

Is "space junk" what C3PO has, you know, down there?

now if it had been contained in a clear one quart plastic baggie....

[the controllers thinking about the people in the airplane]
Controller #2: They're screwed!
Controller #3: They're dead!
Controller Jacobs: Did I leave the iron on?

By Mir, missed du plane.

Captain: "Well, son, this is the cockpit."

Kid: "Cool. Say, what's that?"

Captain: "Looks like a satellite burning up in the atmosphere."

Kid: "Neat"

Captain: "Say, do you like to watch gladiator movies?"

*SNORK! @ the Stevie Sisters*

LOL Hammie!

you get the extra points today for that classic reference!

Yet another reason not to fly (says the fearful flyer).

and leon's getting larger

Holy hell! I sure hope for the sake of all people flying that the odds of that happening are astronomical.

"Out the left side of the aircraft, you can see Easter Island. Out the right side, you can see...the end of the world."

I'm sure it was disconcerting, but 10km is 6.2 miles. To say it "came close" is a bit of a stretch.

Captian, surely that cant be an asteroid...

Damn straight it is...and dont call me Shirely

How did we miss this item linked on the same page?

sounds like we still have time...

Mike, it's my understanding that pilots over the open ocean don't like other planes within 10km, much less a chunk of equipment in an uncontrolled re-entry.

considering the plane is traveling at well over 500 mph, and the re-entering satellite is traveling much faster at a vector victor that cannont be determined....6.2 km is pretty close....need more clearance clarence..roger? roger

SNORK at Stevie.

Thanks, russell!!

If anyone needs me I'll be busy watching cheese.

Clean Hands - I agree - 6 miles is wayyy too close. Plus if it was disintegrating, how many pieces were out there?

No, Siouxie! That's just what they'll be expecting you to do!

Boss! Boss! De plane! .... Wait, nevermind, Boss.....

I read another article about this and it said the pilots saw junk ahead, to the side, and behind the plane. Anybody a fan of the show Dead Like Me? The heroine is nailed by a reentering Russian toilet.

assuming 500 mph, the plane would cover 6 miles in 43.17 seconds

*eyes glazed*

cheese is sooooooooo pretty.....

fivver - wasn't that also in the movie, Flushed Away?

Captain Captain, whats THAT off our starboard bow

Not now, I am watching cheddarvisionTV...

Sergei, you missed them by this much!
Roger that, Yuri, I''ll get the next one.

and if the debris were coming in at an angle toward the plane, that would lead even less time to avoid collision.

They've been watching this chunka cheese for 96 days, 13 hours , 44 mins and counting...

And you can change the channel...see a cow...the guys who milked the cow and a nice place of meatballs.


make that a nice plate.

*thinks a few brain cells have been lost while watching the cheese*

That's a gouda site.

That's why I always ask for an aisle seat. So I don't see imminent doom approaching out my window.

Believe me, I'm not suggesting we act nonchalant about flaming debris falling from the skies, and I'd be the last one to put a damper on the fun we're having here, but I can tell you from experience that all sorts of "uncontrolled" flying things routinely pass less than 10km in front of, behind, above, and to the sides of, aircraft.

Just for illustration, take a look at this series of photos. The aircraft involved exceeded the minimum separation distance at all times.

Could be worse... You could be stuck in the middle, between Shatner and Rod Serling.

Oh, no, here we go. Annie's created a muenster.

A most excellent episode too, Chris. I always look out the window when I fly and expect to see some creepy gremlin out there...

*cue in theme from TZ*

I cheddah kept my mouth shut!

Too late now, Siouxie. What will brie, will brie.

Yeah, Siouxie. Don't go out on a Limburger.

Please be Stilton. The cheese is maturing right now.

the Vampire???

WARNING on that last post - seriously - DON'T go to that post (from vita). [email protected] alert!

*calling the blog bots*

I'm feeling a little bleu beerkaese I haven't been able to whey in on this discussion....

Get a rope! (and some orange spray paint)

vita vita vita...this is a family (har!) blog! keep your smut outta here!!!

we need the blog maid...STAT!!!

Bleu? That sounds un-American.

*getting [email protected] boots ready*


Hammie, we need to swiss positions! Next time...I call tops!

Whoops!. Sorry, Siouxie, I meant to tell you about that snake in your boots.

Bauer: Has the next drone target been identified yet?
Chloe: Yes. Looks like it's Monterey, Jack.
Bauer: What!? You said you thought it would be somewhere in Utah.
Chloe: Sorry, Jack. There's more than one. It seems they don't want to hit Provo alone.

[Hey, beats the WDG ....]
[OK, not by much, but....]

okay i deleted it but i was afraid to click on it...

***SNORK*** @ meanie. That was an EXCELLENT use of Steve's brain....

I camembert what we were talking about...

thank you judi!!!!! smooooooooch!!



In queso emergeny, please notify Judi and exit through the side doors.

Judi proves her indispensibility once again.... ;) Thank you, Ma'am.

*Heads for showers*

hehe...I was #69

Meanie just brieched my perimeter.



Who is Arti, and why do we want cheese from....oh, nevermind.

Let's not forget the exceptionally rare Venezuelan Beaver Cheese.

*Ripe SNORK @ Diva*

*Havarti snork* at Meanie & DDiva!

Thanks. *bows*

Just dill with it, Ducky. ;)

Voulez-vouz fromage avec moi?

I once had a food punfest with a buddy of mine that lasted for days via email. It all started with a news article I sent her right after September 11 and all the crackdowns on traffic around the Pentagon. The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile somehow turned onto a restricted road and was pulled over and ... well here. Read the headline yourselves...

For your viewing pleasure, the Monty Python Cheese Shop Sketch

Gotta love all these cheese puns. They are both sharp and Krafty.

Meanie, I'm snorking chocolate pudding (mid afternoon snack, and it's fat free!) here. WELL done on the 24 conversation!

You're right, Lazee. We have grate minds at work here!

J'aime ton accent, M. Complètement.

I feta leave before I get stuck in traffic.

Hammie, that was classic!! thanks! ;-)

Quelle frommage.

C'est la brie...Annie

space...cheese...BOBA FETA?

"Now we have to pun en Francais? Merde!" she wined.

Queso ra, sera!

Well, I have to head out to the um, er, Cottage, so everyone have a good night.

Cheese...with spaces....Swiss?

I suppose, given the trend on this thread, that those satellite parts that nearly hit the airplane should hereafter be referred to as space deBrie.

Merci, M'selle Diva...!

BETTER Monty Python Cheese Shop Vid

snork...space deBris...

Deskdiva - that was wheelie cheesy.

(btw - the bot got me, so either it speaks french or it just doesn't like me, or both.)

Another space with cheese.

*psst* Don't they mean the Prince of WAILS Theatre?

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