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March 31, 2007


Now they're after our houses.


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I hear [email protected]'s got a very lovely home....

Squirrels instinctively sense hollow cavities-like a rotted log or an attic-and try to find their way in.
That may explain the vacant look on [email protected]'s face. And all the nuts around him.

A similar thing happened to my parents' house when they went away on vacation. A squirrel came down the chimney and couldn't get out. By the time they got home every window trim in the house was chewed up and scratched. So, yes - the claws were coming from inside the house.

"In another county would be good ..."

How about, in another Universe, far, far away ...?

a-w-b-h zeroed in on the best quote :
Squirrels instinctively sense hollow cavities-like a rotted log or an attic-and try to find their way in, Lovell said.

i was going to mention that that explained the packs of squirrels following paris hilton...

About 10 years ago, when I wuz poor grad student living in Southern Illinois, I got up one morning, made coffe and sat down to do a little reading. Pretty normal so far. I heard a rustling sound across the room, looked up, and thre was a squrrel sitting next to the TV. It was just chillin' and checking me out. I said, in a very calm voice, "Hi, you don't belong here." Then I propped the front door open, sat down to finish my coffee, and watched the squirrel quietly stroll out the door like he owned the place. The next day I went down to the county clerk's office to check who owned the house. Yup, it was the squirrel.

*snork* at random's "Hi, you don't belong here." We've had baby squirrels try to come through the screen door. They ignore the dogs howling at them. "But you've got peanut butter!" they'd say.

Are squirrels eatin' p-nut butter as much entertainment to watch as dogs eatin' p-nut butter?

(I'm guessin' it might get 'em to sit still long enuf to draw a bead on 'em ... merely speculatin' ...)

Annie, I bet that if they were smart dogs, they'd smear peanut butter on their noses sort of like angler fish do.

Angler fish smear peanut butter on thier noses? Is it good for their complection or something?

D.E. - They would if they were trying to catch baby squirrels!

putting peanut butter on angler fish...drawing beads on squirrels...you people are just weird.

I'm sure I've mentioned the baby squirrel that was brought into hubby's vet practice a couple of years ago...."Nutkins" is his name. Well, a soft-hearted vet-tech decided to nurse him back to health and got him all set up in a roomy cage with a swing and comfy hidey-hole. She fed him formula and nuts and fruits. Oh how she wuvved him. But he seemed to be getting worse instead of better. She would take him outside and actually place him on the trunk of a tree, and when she'd let go, he'd just fall to the ground.

Come to find out, the cage she had him in was galvanized with lead, and he chewed the bars and got lead poisoning. He's now retarded.

(Retarded squirrel, is that redundant?)

"to the tune of the addams family"

they'll nibble at your fascia
from queensland to croatia
their antics will amaze ya
the squirrel family!

Oh, Punkin - sad but funny.

How can a retarded squirrel from a regular squirrel?

Insomniac, I don't know why, but I laughed and laughed at that! Could be the wine!

How can you tell a retarded squirrel from a regular squirrel?

Insomniac, I don't know why, but I laughed and laughed at that! Could be the wine!

It's a bird! It's a plane!


Why are they making war on OtheU?

Who cares. Florida beat UCLA!!!! All is right in my world :)

Ok, I can't resist telling my squirrel story! We had 2 baby squirrels several years ago. We bottle fed them and kept them in an old aquariam. My husband had to leave on a trip and I was left to take care of them while he was gone. One evening as I was feeding them, one of the squirrel's passed out, don't ask me what happened but after feeding him I put him back in the aquariam and he just went limp and fell over...as I tried to "revive" him I found myself tapping him on the chest and saying, "little squirrel, little squirrel, are you ok?"...luckily, he "came to" and everything was ok. I work at a medical clinic and had recently had CPR training, so the "Annie, Annie, are you ok?" was fresh on my mind!

YAY! Go Gators!!! I'm right there with ya Val!

Why are they making war on OtheU?

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 09:49 PM on March 31, 2007


I missed that part ...

Gayle - It probably had a seizure. But way to go on the CPR!!!

What izzz Fascia??

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