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March 02, 2007


Even our corruption is weird:

Developer Raul Masvidal, one of Miami-Dade's most prominent civic leaders, is slated to be arrested today on felony charges that he siphoned tens of thousands of dollars from the county's Housing Agency to buy himself a sculpture of a giant watermelon slice.


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let them eat......watermelon?

Yum, watermelon. A watermelon in every yard?

Who could resist the temptation to embezzle when owning such powerful art is at stake?

*lobs giant sculpture of watermelon seed at corrupt official's head*

$150,000????? for a watermelon slice sculpture?

and what the HECK does a watermelon have to do with Mars??

it's a shame though...this guy was pretty respected around these parts...OH WELL! Let the seeds fall where they may..

Watermellon art called Mars!?

At least Holst had his music straight.

And am I the FIRST! to say, that's one MASSIVE bite!?

... thought so.

"Masvidal used county money to buy a $150,000 watermelon sculpture titled Mars."

sure, why not?

Mmmmmmmm ...... sculpture......

Inmate 1 - What are you in for?

Inmate 2 - I killed a guy in Reno just to watch him die.

Inmate 3 - I shot my pa for naming me Sue.

Inmate - 4 I stole charity money to buy a watermelon statue.

Yea he is going to do just fine in prison.

Also can you guess what my iPod has been having me listen to?

Hmmmm is it Barry Manilow, Addicted??? ;-P

Hey c'mon now - at least he was smart enough not to spend his money on that thing!

You know, sometimes you see some cute knick knack and you just have to have it.

All day every day Siouxie 8^D


I think you are too close to the problem to be able to identify its source. In fact I would suggest that you might be the weirdness magnet. I mean, you've been there in South Florida for many many years. Sometimes the solution to our problems is closer than we think. So close in fact, that we can't see it. Dave, you are the weirdness magnet. Never change.

he certainly attracted us....

Hmm... good point, Crossgirl...

A giant slice of watermelon called Mars? What next, a sculpture of a kumquat called Earth?

Addicted, nice taste in music.

....$736,000 in affordable-housing money to buy himself a South Miami house, plus appliances, a pool and a $3,000 insurance policy.

$3,000 insurance policy?!?!?

This spose to be funny? T' ain't dude.

Why pick on Cincinatti? Don't they already have enough to deal with putting up with Jerry Springer? You just don't get any weirder than that! Give a town a break!

Dang, I miss that glove. That was a good glove. I'd kill to get it back!

But was the watermelon seedless?

You just have to laugh. Everyone in the nation is laughing at us. Join in! In the thirteen commissioners we have, at least 11 of them have something to do with this. Most watermelons slice up into 12 nice pieces. check the commissioners back yards for the seeds and rind of the other 11 slices.....

At least he got "something." I pay thousnads for property taxes, the government eats them up, and I get nothing!!

At least he got "something." I pay thousnads for property taxes, the government eats them up, and I get nothing!!

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