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March 28, 2007


Read down about halfway.

(Thanks to Layzeeboy, who requests, "Please don't post any of Dave's underwear ads.")


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first to agree...no Dave Tiddy Whiteys


Well, whenever I get nervous posting on the blog, I always picture Dave in his underwear.

I'm not remembering any posts about caterpillar flatulence. I sure hope Judi wasn't responsible.

I'd rather see Dave's underwear ads than jello wrestling Barry Manilow.

LOL, Beppie. At a book signing, at the hunt, or at Creamsicle Palace?


Caterpillar flatulence to Manilow isn't that much of a stretch, is it?

*apologizes to blogettes for my request*

What's the big deal? I thought caterpillar flatulance was synonynous with Barry Manilow.

And, frankly - I don't remember any arguments about the big BM. I simply remember us all hating him...

Re: underwear ads: Nooooooooooooo.

That is all.

(props to Nurse Tammy for that link. ;-)

No mention of whether said underwear modeling is boxers, briefs, or Mrs. Blog's.
I'm just sayin'... .

Yea I am good at starting Barry Manilow arguements.

We really love the blog, but Dave, but we do miss your routine columns.

Amen, mm. Amen.

so all those underwear links that judi's posted have been for dave? damn...dave's hot!

WTG Layzee!!!

I'm not sure Mrs. Blog would allow judi to have linked to Dave's ads, cg...

I suspect it's only a matter of time before the Remainders are covering Manilow tunes in Vegas.
"That Dave, I think he protesteth too much" -Shakespeare

Oh, sorry, Manilow And Juliet, Act ii, scene 4. The part just before the squirrels...

Meditrina, I usually picture him in airports in his underwear, for some reason.

Beppie, Dave should travel in his undies and quiet those rude cell phone users.

As long as his stuff fits in a one quart bag, Siouxie.

I know I'm a little LTTG here, but you all DO know that you can get reprints of Dave's columns - and new ones, sometimes! - delivered to your email inbox every Monday morning, don't you?

Go here, the most recent offering, then click News by Email in the Site Services block on the left side. You'll have to register with the Miami Herald, but surprisingly they leave you alone. I've been registered for several months now and have not been spammed by them.

Hmmm Layzee, I think that's a tad too personal...iykwim!

Mr. C - That's how I get my weekly classic columns and the new ones. Well worth it.

Reportedly, if catepillar flatulance is recorded, and played back loud enough for humans to hear, one can actually make out the melody to "Mandy".

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