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March 30, 2007


Here's Field Coordinator Ted Habte-Gabr, at the wheel.


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Will the mullet get its own vote?

Hey! It's the Mulletmobile!

Great License Plate, Ted.

Although even though the plate says California, the way he is angled at the stop sign says that he must have, or at least be sent, a Florida drivers license.

Mullets For Barry

WOOO HOOOO!! watch out Hillary & ObackBamawama!

why aren't there any scantily clad ladies present?

I gave up scantily clad ladies for lent.

The Field Coordinator

(Note to self: After Easter look into the godaddy.com lovelies)

Why isn't Ted out coordinating fields?

ok, ted...what about scantily clad guys...ya know for us women voters ;-)

yeah! despite appearances to the contrary, i have not given up men for lent. i repeat, i have not given up men!

*stands in the 'not given up men for lent' corner with crossgirl*

I have, however, given up chocolate so I may be a little cranky...

Nice plates, Ted! ('tho I'm with Crossy re: the need for scantily clad gals to complete the campaign image)

Dave, are you sure he's "at the wheel"? I think you meant "at the bottle".

You guys see the Mullet? I can't see the Mullet. I see a big car with a California license plate, and a big frown, but no Mullet. Where's the Mullet?

There's squirrel poop on the hood ALREADY?

ted needs to change his email address to reflect the c current election year...just sayin'

*stands in the 'not given up men for lent' corner with crossgirl*

I have, however, given up chocolate so I may be a little cranky...

Posted by: Siouxie | 09:52 AM on March 30, 2007

Siouxie ... "men" might alleviate some of that crankiness ... merely sayin' ...

(and ... BTW, Siouxie ... my Fighting Sioux -- your namesakes -- are in the Frozen Four -- the NCAA Hockey Championships !!! YAY SIOUX! YAY SIOUXIE!!!)


YAY ME & the SIOUX!!

and good point. and there's less calories involved.

"Siouxsie Sioux and the Frozen Four" wba KILLER name for my next punk band!!!

Siouxie - I just want to know if that's with four men, or TWO, iykwim. ;)

... um ... Siouxie ... merely FYI ... a hockey team has six men* "on ice" at one time ... unless there's a "penalty" of course ... and if they "pull" the "goalie" then there are six of them "on the attack" ...

Merely sayin' ...

(*unless, of course, it's a women's team ... NTTAWWT ...)

You know, from this angle you can't see the mullet. And with the glare you can't see his left ear either ... probably doesn't have one of those either...

... mebbe that's why Van Gogh had a mullet?

I put one of those on my car, and scantily clad women kept coming up to me and saying:

"You call yours Barry?"

Then they would offer me enhancement patches and leave.

I'm guessing that's helping Dave get votes.

Ted has nicer headlights than Paris.

*runs to join the ladies in Siouxie's corner*

I just conducted a scientific poll of 100 people who have phones which they answered, and of those who responded with language that can get past your bot, 46% said they would vote for Dave Barry if he was, in fact, the only name on the ballot for President, yes, of the United States.

However, when I revealed that his platform consists almost entirely of a promise to make Paris Hilton a permanent ambassador to Iraq, over 125% of respondents said they would vote for Dave, and some promised to vote several times.

Bring on the men in kilts!

Oh, marfie. Lovely idea.

I haven't given up men for Lent either.

However, I'm beginning to have some very strong suspicions they must have given me up for Lent.


*goes to the "men who've given us up for Lent" corner with slyeyes to commiserate*

Me, too. Here...gumball?

I have only given up on one man for lent.

And you continue to make me so proud, Addicted!!!

you may just make it yet!

DDiva & OtheU - the more the merrier ;-)

oh sly!! that explains it! i feel so much better now to know it's not me, it's just a lent thing.

can't wait for easter!!

*joins the given-up-men-for-Lent (many Lents ago) corner*

*hopes that he would also be welcome in the men-gave-us-up-for-Lent corner*

whewwww...that is good news!

can we open up the blog bar and rejoice?? ya'll haven't giving up drinking right??

Chris, you're always welcome with the girls ;-)

So THAT's what I gave up for Lent - Men. I knew I gave up something.

btw - I just found out that today is kilt day. I sent the link to judi, so hopefully we'll be celebrating soon. Until then.

Dave - we are just waiting for approval of the T-shirt and bumper sticker designs to really get things rolling!

Nothing says Easter like a mojito, yes?

Oh Annie...that was yummmmy!!

*perk* *drool*

Chris, you're always welcome with the girls ;-)

Posted by: Siouxie

*does happy dance*

As to givin' up stuff fer Lent ... when our youngest (our son, after three girls ... which sorta surprised us a bit ...) wuz born on Feb. 20, it happened to be Ash Wednesday ... so of course, MB(RH?) gave up bein' pregnant for Lent ...

OK, scantily clad gals for the male voters and
guys wearing these with "Dave Barry 2008" embroidered down the trunk

warning - it's for the ladies (mainly, I guess nttawwt)

for the blogettes

russell, thank you!

I hope this tides you ladies over until the Easter Bunny comes-a-hoppin'.

and thank YOU, random!

Q: Mr. McTavish, traditionally what is worn under a kilt?

A: Everything is as good as new, lasse.

Glad you enjoyed it Sioux.

i cant be sure that its ted!! pic is so small. how bout a bigger shot of the driver... i mean, it could be an imposter infiltrating your campaign, dave. we dont want that.

Yeah, queensbee ... the early comments doubting that it was Ted have gone unanswered - we need real proof, like a mirror showing the famous mullet. Which of course he always denied he has. But it was in the photos.

So turnabout is fair play: let's let all of us see what he can't see himself, if only because he thought he put it behind him ... Can "Trust, but verify" be the campaign slogan of '08, or might it already be taken by some other Californian? ...

russell - funny, he doesn't look republican.

I gave up my new year's resolutions for lent.

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