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March 28, 2007


Where the men are men, and the monkeys are nervous.

(Thanks to Unclean)


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Was the monkey underage?

So Mr. Crawford wasn't convicted for abuse for spanking his monkey?

So Mr. Crawford wasn't convicted for abuse for spanking his monkey?

What a natural selection for a monkey's name. I love it.

Did the monkey show up pregnant? Point to places on a doll?
If the monkey doesn't wish to press charges, what then?

Easily solved - play the tape for the monkey and observe his actions ... and maybe video them... you know ... for evidence ... or ... internet distribution rights ... or whatever. Just have a camera ready ...


"'I'm coming home, I'm coming to get you. Daddy's coming, he's coming to get you,' " Mr. Crawford said."

The deciding factor would be if there were cheesy music playing in the background boom chicka bow bow.

"Oooooh, you wicked, wicked monkey."

*apologies to Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire*

For those who need more quality monkey time... .

Monkey Love....

Snork @ Meanie's "natural selection"

*SNORK* @ jon's pointing...

Daddy's coming

Now, who in the world could misconstrue something so innocent?

Snork @ Jon's "quality monkey time"

not I, Baron.

My mind is a pure as snow...that is white and pure and not anywhere near the dirty gutter. really.

The sordid love lives of people in Texas WBAGNFASOAPOPERA.

I found video of the event. I wouldn't click the link if you are at work, or don't was to hear off-color language.

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