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March 21, 2007


They don't get paid enough.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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YAY, Siouxie! And EWWWW!

Spelling lesson for the day: There is no "p" in coffee.

Yay, Siouxie!

The coffee in my teacher workroom? Ya couldn't tell the difference.

Whoever makes the first pot of the day has the entire freshmen class walk through the coffee grounds before they are used.

Ah, he was just minding his peeeees and q's.

Just - There is now.

Come on, we all know it wouldn't taste any different.

EG - on this one, we'll defer to you as the voice of experience.

YAY me and *snork* @ Ducky!

has anyone tasted school coffee?? I'm thinking it was an improvement.

On the other hand, if the Urea decomposed into Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide, it might kill you.

mr blog person himself once said about luwak coffee (the civet poop coffee) that it tasted like "someone had rinsed a dead cat in it." i'm wondering now which one i would choose if i had to choose one. i am easily amused.

You know, in some countries, this is considered a delicacy.

I'm getting a 'Tesladownunder' for my coffee pot. (see next thread for details)

And yes, 'Tesladownunder' WBAGNFA....never mind.

Come on. We ALL THOUGHT ABOUT IT in grade school and in high school. We just didn't have the balls to do it!

in college....yes.

See, Siouxie, this time you win. I sent it in days ago too.

And my wife was a teacher for over 30 years so this is no surprise.

Jeff, yes...and only because I was able to breach security at the Herald convince judi that I wasn't a stalker. I know NOTHING about the bomb threat at 2:45.

>it tasted like "someone had rinsed a dead cat in it".

Mud, had this guy really tried coffee made like that?

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