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March 30, 2007


We bet his is not nearly as well-equipped.

(Thanks to Brian Heffernan)


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Are you frikkin kidding me??!!?

OMGWTFBBQ??? is he for real??

Please let this be an early April Fool's joke!!!

I guess they'll let any goofball run for president, huh?

Of the United States?

Um....actually he probably has quite the rig, considering what he's spending on auto leasing.

From the Denver Post (archives)-
U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo spent more taxpayer money than all but five of his colleagues on car leases last year, but he won’t give any specifics as to where he went and what he did.

“We have no obligation to provide that information,” Tancredo spokesman Will Adams said Tuesday about the $1,183 a month that his boss spent to lease two cars. “He spent what is consistent with what other offices pay.”

Tancredo spent a total of $14,201, nearly three times the amount spent by Reps. Diana DeGette, a Democrat, and Bob Beauprez, a Republican, the only other members of Colorado’s delegation who leased cars on the taxpayer’s dime. Tancredo also is one of only six members of the House to lease two vehicles. Two representatives rented three each.

I wonder why did the Denver Post used a photo of Tancredo that looks like he's getting an exam from a proctologist?

ken' ... mebbe 'cuz they're suggestin' that he should place his candidacy where these guys werk ... merely ... hopin' ...

ken, and it looks like he likes it too :-)

Schedule the debate between Tancreepo and Dave right now.

I didn't even have the stomach to read past the first sentence....

me either DD.

just that picture creeped the tancredo outta me!

ken: because there aren't any other kind?

I really pity his poor actual proctologist. Imagine to what indignities that poor man is subjected.

OH!!! I scared myself.

Pass the brainbleach, someone. ANYONE!!!

**snork @ judi**

If he wins does this mean the rest of the country is going to war with Miami?

Why would they? I mean, it's only a third-world country in his eyes.

This is great! I always like to see a varied field of candidates for prez. Gives us so much more to poke fun at.

Tancreepo's got no chance. His "field coordinator" does not sport a mullet.

Notice he is announcing in IOWA, not COLORADO or FLORIDA. I guess we had SOME influence on him

"I don't know that I won't run again, should things not turn out that I was president of the United States," Tancredo said.

Now this is the kind of clear thinking and speaking we expect from a President... of the Mensa Rejects of America.

No wonder he fits so well in Washington....

You say "potatoe," I say, "nukular."

Is he missing his upper front teeth or has he just got a Tancredo-eating grin?

Something tells me he's going to have a hard time carrying Florida. Or any other state where people read this blog.

Oh, please. He can't even carry the one when he adds 9+12.


That is all.

I see the point about the ill-equipped bandwagon.

Not only no band, but not a hint of any mullet anywhere.

Thanks for the appreciation, CH.

At least, I presume it's for me. :)

Actually, I was laughing out loud at Tanclowndo's decision to run against Dave for the Presidency. Gawd, but he's a nimrod.

*snork* @ Deskdiva. And he wouldn't even get your joke, either. Why do I imagine hearing the wind whistling between his ears?

I too have an anouncement I will make on Monday, although not in Iowa or on the radio. I will announce that I have decided not to move after all and will continue to live in the apartment I live in now.

That is all.

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