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March 14, 2007


Hi Judi!
I am such a fan of Dave's blog and certainly appreciate all of your "special" posts for us ladies whenever he's gone.  I was doing legitimate research on the internet the other day when I came across this site, and thought I should pass it along:
It might come in handy in the future.
-Liz in the City


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thanks liz and judi!

C'mon, Dave. Judi gives the blogettes what they're looking for, and all we blogdudes get are Paris's's's' nipples's's's.

you know, Dave doesnt blantanly post smutt for guys only!


thank you, judi & liz!!


*wipes drool off keyboard*

now bookmarked and much appreciated.

It's a character flaw, Chaz.

take away the muscles and hair and what have you got? me.

*sniff* *sniff*

that hurts, Meanie.

Well guys...
Exactly one (1) month ago today was the ChickLove™ Halmark™ holiday. Today is the GuyLove™ non-Halmark™ holiday. (WARNING: This also may not be suitable for work!!)

Does this bring the estrogen vs testosterone balance back to neutral?

The Mother's Lode! Thank you, liz & judi!!!! Pi Day just got way better!!! Gimme a piece of All American Apple Pie!!!

(I'd keep going, but I ran out of exclamation marks.)

I don't know, DPC. Maybe one of the guys on judi's all american site will buy you a steak and a .... NTTAWWT.

It makes us feel used when you objectify us like this. What are we? Just eye candy to be used for breeding purposes? We have feelings too. Some of us are even studying to be more than models.

And you don't know what we go through to look like this. Do you think we like having pathetic little useless dangly bits from the steroids we have to take? Do you know how humiliating it is when the photagrapher makes us put "toys" in our underwear to satisfy you predators?

I think you all need to go and reevaluate your attitude towards guys of the male gender.

Annie - I took right good care of my lovely wife last month. I should make out (ha!!) just fine today.

Also, what sort of legitimate research leads to AllAmericanGuys.com??

every EVEN day we should get T&A, and every ODD day Pecks and Arse

*snork* @ Annie!

Here ya go, Chris!




Chaz - you guys have OWNED the last hundred years....it's payback time.

Dance for the wimmen, boyz!

*rips off fall away pants and shakes booty for his wife*

*Will not comment. Will not comment. Will not comment*

Hundred years? Hah! Try the last 3500!


*sits next to Annie, waving $ bills*

*slides into seat next to Siouxie*

judi, thank you for that informative and insightful post!

*zips in™*

*joins Siouxie and Annie*

Addendum to Chaz re what Annie said:
It's our turn now. It doesn't feel good? Didn't so much for us either. :)

And Just Ducky, who wasn't there when I posted. :)

Shake it, Matt!
um...warning on that...also, skip right to the 1:50 mark if you can - the beginning is a waste of time.

I can't wait to get home and open this link!!! *wipes drool from chin*

*prepares sock full 'o nickels for Hammie*

ROFL Annie!

sheesh, Matt! we're all trying to help ya out.

Annie Where-but-here are you going to start a Women Student Union too?

how many years of opression are you rebelling against?

Please remember that, in addition to the other mentioned festivities, today is Pi(e) Day.

Chaz - don't get me wrong. I like men....

...but batteries are cheaper and chocolate doesn't talk back as much.

But can the chocolate squish a bug?

DPC, that's what the strappy shoes are for!

*takes a bite outta her Hershey's bar & squishes icky spider*

The chocolate can squish more than a bug, IYNWIM.

apologies to Don McLean:

Hi, Mister American Guy
Show your muscles to the bloggals and the bloggals will sigh
And ol’ blogboys are being left high and dry
Wishing Judi would post cleavage and thighs
Judi would post cleavage and thighs...


Yay, Ducky!

Good one, Ducky!!

Thanks, guys! I have to flap off for awhile...see y'all later!

Annie - I've not owned anything over the last 100 (or 3,500) years. If someone could show me exactly where to get all the perks and advantages that men supposedly have, I would be most grateful, because I haven't seen 'em yet.

Well, from the looks of research, guys would just like judi to post crotches. Even animal crotches will do, apparently.

I just wanted to agree. I like Judi's posts. :)


Liz: please define "legitimate research" for us.

Are you a scout for Playgirl?

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