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March 31, 2007


Sammy has been claimed.


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Milwaukee Snake Update WBAGNFARB

Why is it that people seem to feel obligated to take their snakes out for a jaunt in the car? I'm feeling sorry for the snake, he deserves an owner at least as intelligent as he is.

mm - the owners obviously left their brains in the glove compartment too, still to be recovered.

*snork* @ Meanie

Most misleadin' quote: He's a soldier, I can say that.

Yeah, well, he can SAY it, but it doesn't change NEthin' ... it's still a frikken SNAKE!

Whut wuz that about stoopidity? Oh, yeah, mm & Meanie ... you got that correct!

Well, that's a relief!

"We're number two, so we try harder...to SCARE THE LIVING SH!T OUTTA YOU!!"

mm - My ex brother-in-law was moving from Florida to Mass., and he was bringing his python. Well, the snake had to be kept warm, so he wrapped it around his neck like a scarf.
Somewhere in New Jersey he was pulled over for speeding....he says the look on the officer's face was priceless, and he just waved him on.

****LOL @ Punkin and her brother****

Oh, to have had a photo of that.....

I can just imagine the policeman coming up to find two faces looking at him off of the same neck...

I'd LOVE to know how he radioed that back in....

The snake was simply throwing a fit because they wouldn't rent "Anaconda" or Snakes on a Plane."

I have transported many snakes in cars (I used to teach with live animals) and I never once had one disappear. While seatbelts may secure other wiggly creatures like children, I recommend pillowcases for snakes. (Hmmm...pillowcases might not be bad for small children either...oops, think I typed that out loud...)

Punkin - did the cop at least asp to see his license?

Was he driving a Viper?
(sorry - I'm distracted by what a gorgeous spring day it is here. When I'm cooped up in an office, I can focus better on punning.)

Well, Annie, I am cooped up in my office this fine, sunny, southern California day but at least I have a window seat. Truth to tell, if I wasn't at work I might not be blogging. I'd be walking around Balboa Park, taking pictures.

Speaking of snake-like creatures....

Dang, Scott' ... that's a nice foto ... I'm rememberin' that it's been *mumblerumble* years since I wuz in Balboa Park with my cousins ...

It's still pretty, OtheU.

Scott - great pix. You're missing a great day outside. Although for photos, I prefer overcast.

The college near me has a major in exotic animal training. Their open house is this week-end. I'm tempted to go over there and watch the hijinks. Think about it - newbie students with somewhat trained monkeys, otters, lions....something's bound to happen.

Take your camera, Annie! I wanna see the hijinks.

Re: overcast - depends on what you're trying to capture. Good for some things not so good for others. Some days we just have to suffer weather like this, eh?

Yeah, suffer ... right ...

ScottMGS, those are great photos! I like the Pink Pollen-Dusted Petals in photos

You've got some nice lightwork there, Scott ...

Scott, I love all your photos!!! awesome job!

Thanks, OtheU, Kristina, Siouxie. My oldest daughter and I did go to Balboa Park yesterday afternoon. I've started uploading some of the pictures to Flickr.

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