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March 29, 2007


(Thanks to Ken)


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If anyone needs recipes, let me know!

when they told him to get rid of the parakeets, he refused to budgie.

Nothing like the flock of parakeets flying around Florida because they got loose from the house - one of mine included.

*wonders if any of them were pining...*

Hoarding goats, chickens now parakeets, do these guys know something the rest of us don't? Y2K has already happened dudes.

OK..so my choices are between Sheepman and Birdman???

again...this is why I am single.

Sh!t like this really pisses me off. I've been helping with a dog rescue for several months and have seen some pretty beaten animals come in. One had lice, yes LICE, covering her from her head to her tail. Millions of them. Now we're getting in a dog that is evidence in an abuse case that you can't look at the pictures of before eating, she's that bad off.

I just can't joke about stuff like this.

This guy is a few feathers short of a turkey. He's ONE guy I would never give the bird to.

Clean Hands - I agree. This says no charges will be filed. How about never ever letting this guy own a pet again? And counseling for his hoarding illness.

How about the link below to an explanation of Easter ("Learn More About This Religious Holiday") illustrated with a photo of a bunny. ("Be vewy caweful, I am wessuwecting wabbits...")

CH?? where's CH???

whoa....I meant 'almne', not Clean Hands. They look so much alike. Sorry.

um...yeah...I can see where you'd confuse 'em, Annie...totally!

almne looks that much like me? I'm so sorry, almne.

Almne: Laughter is often the other side of tears; why do you think people tell bin Laden jokes? Why do you think doctors and nurses tell medical jokes? Maybe laughter would ease your pain.

With that----the bird owner needs to hook up with one of those 100-cats-in-a-house women. That'd solve his problem.

PM: Hooking up the bird guy with a cat lady would solve lots of issues; keeping down the cost of cat food and the bird population for example.

110 parakeets...that's 220 keets, right?

If you put a blanket over their cages, they don't squawk as much.

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