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March 30, 2007



(Thanks to fivver)


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First to say Amen!

And Hallelujah!

It's a sign from God! Dave will win!

I don't think that Cheney will want to go hunting with him....

It's sign from God! God's running for office!

I like Dave but to be fair, before I make my decision, I should find out more about 'Else.'

*snork* at Annie!

And G0d is 'dog' spelled backwards. Or in this case,walking backwards.

Hey, speaking of Cheney, who is Dave's running mate, anyway? Judi, perhaps?

Okay, I'm adopting new general rule of thumb: do not click on anything AWbh links, even if its Manilow content appears to be nil.

I nominate Walter. That way Dave could beat the other guy with a stick.

CH - I thought it was cute. And to think I just gave you a compliment on the kiltday thread. Sheesh.

OOOOOOoooohannieannieannieannieannie ...


*goes to get her handbasket and travel clothes*

Got any flame retardant garments, Annie?

i heard God was starting an 'inscribe-in' campaign...

Speaking of which...

For all you bloggals - have some chocolate. I do not know if it is, um... anatomically correct or functional.

Watch out, Annie. I'm right behind you. Is that basket big enough for two?

accross the nation
dave fever spread like shock waves
rolling juggernaut

a man with a plan,
a car, a thing about boobs.
don't mention his hair

or dave's hair neither
they worked really hard on it
god bless those beavers

Giant Chocolate Jesus - not AGNFARB this time of year.

Oooooh, Scott! Is your house equipped with lightning rods?

*snork* at insom & mud! Insom, yep; the handwriting's on the wall.

Sure, Scot. There's always room for one more.
btw - since we're supposed to give up stuff, we Catholics get very cranky during Lent. That's probably why that Holy Hershey Bar didn't go over well.

Annie, did you give up good beer for lent? Is there a cooler in that basket?

Nope, I gave up guys, so hop in!

JD - no we don't have that sort of thing in sunny SoCal. I do have a palm tree that extends well above the roofline, though, so that might work.

*checks pants* Oh, man. *sigh* *climbs in anyway*

Shouldn't that say, "Vote for Dave...or MEET God?"

That's some mighty fine photoshopping there, fivver.

Hey, Annie - can I hop in? I'm already dressed for the trip....


*Prepares to join Annie, Scott & Ddiva in that handbasket*

Now, if you will all turn to Hymn #152 in your hymnals:

“Vote for Dave” is what I see
On that sign in front of me
And these words come from the Lord
So they should not be ignored
There’s a battle to be fought
Come and join Dave’s juggernaut.

With Dave, we are in good hands
You can ask his loyal fans
Evil squirrels he would erase
Make this world a safer place
He’d ban low-flow toilets, too
And then just one flush would do.

Washington is quite in need
Of a guy like Dave to lead
He would set things right, you know
Help him win; just send in dough
He is not another crook
Did you know, he wrote a book?

And when the election’s won
We’ll be ready for some fun
Everyone will clap and cheer
And drink endless rounds of beer
No one else can do as well
Vote for Dave, or go to hell.

But I don't mind. That's why I have such a cuuuuuuute outfit.

*preps a net for CH's eyebrows when they go flying off his head once he sees this link*

you gotta read the fine print people!

fivver didn't use photoshop!

oops. bad link!

second attempt is here!

and especially here!

You mean, like Image Hosted by ImageShack.usthis?

Never mind. Didn't work. Poop.

i'm having fun!

Dang it, fritch! That's the EXACT sign I just did that I couldn't get to post! AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!

I should make you hop in this basket with the rest of us hellhounds.

I thought that this was giving us an option - vote for Dave, or, if you don't want to, vote for God.

Never give up.

*zips in™*

As a Jewish person I probably shouldn't comment, but I've seen a lot worse 'travesties' (sp?) than a chocolate Jesus.

And a note to everyone who thinks they're going to hell for their comments - Jews don't believe in hell, so join me!

*smooches all around*

So, what's an agnostic to do?

Agnostics don't exist. God told me so. And Deskdiva, that outfit is hawt.

Here - let's try this again.


Excellent, Deskdiva. :)

Yay! It worked!

And thanks, Annie. :) It fits like a glove (black latex, of course).

It's so nice to be appreciated. Would that I could find a MAN who appreciates me....

How is Dave going to beat a class act like this?

Rudy in a dress

PM - that was hideous...although they're made for each other. Well, not exactly, but...

Trump may have to shave his head. He bet some other guy over an upcoming Wrestlemania bout Sunday. Loser gets his head shaved. I'm not linking to the story out of respect for El, a Trump fan.

Well, shoot. Didn't anyone grow up singing hymns in church? Was it too hard to figure out?

*deep sigh*

Thanks for the smooches, El! Back atcha!

Sorry, JD. I'm sure it was good, but I was in the folk mass - Day By Day, Kumbaya, etc. I didn't get to sing many of the classics.

'S ok, Annie. Kumbaya was much more fun! (Although Amazing Grace is still my favorite.)

Bedtime for me--nighty night! Sweet dreams to all!

Amazing is my favorite. Nite!

I grew up with Lutheran hymns. This one's not brining a tune to mind.... Sorry, Ducky. Gumball? Blogbrownie?

mornin' all!
*straightens around, puts beverage containers in the blog recycle, wipes down counter, straightens out throw rugs that Blogdog has balled up while bounding around, sets out coffee cups, juice glasses, OJ and grapefruit juice, pulls cinnamon rolls out of blog oven and puts on counter*
blog coffee's on! Enjoy!

Deskdiva, as a fellow Lutheran, how about 'A mighty fortress is our blog'?

Blog of Ages?
The Old Rugged Blog?
The Blogology?

Blogward, Christian Soldiers?

If Dave and judi were on the ticket, we wouldn't have the Florida problem that we/you had in 2000. Florida electors would have to vote for someone from outside the Sunshine Hurricane State, either for Prez or Veep.

One of the more important but less watched court cases in November 2000 ruled that Richard Bruce Cheney was a resident of Wyoming.

Works for me, fivver!

*Rummages in the LW to see if she can work with the tune, sticks pencil in mouth*

Be back thoon....

Ddiva & fivver, I'm also a fellow Lutheran! The song up there was to the tune of "Rock of Ages." But I really like Blog of Ages, mm!

*zips in™*

Morning all!

I'm having the outside of my house painted and they've covered all my windows with opaque plastic and I can't see out and it's making me claustrophobic. :(

Thanks for not linking, Annie. I do know all about this. The Donald is on Imus every week and has been talking about this. Imus says his money is on The Donald to win. Mine too. :)

hava blogila?

As to Amazing Grace ... I recall a time in another century, another millennium ... we were @ a Prayer Breakfast (sorta incongruous, bein' a Jaycee convention ... with all the probable hangovers ...) and the song leader had the group do Amazin' Grace to the rhythm of the Coke™ commercial, "I'd like to teach the world to sing ..."

It werks ... trust me ... the scansion is perfect, merely different notes at a faster tempo ...

The Lord do werk in mysterious ways, do he not ... eh?

*snork* @ insom!

Oh, Judi...

Spam sighting:
"Posted by: ji | 04:08 AM on March 31, 2007"
That's ji ([email protected]) if you feel like having Hotmail squash the cockroach.

I agree with Walter as Dave's running mate.

Alternative slogan: "Walk softly and carry but carry a big d!ck."

WTFBBQ? I couldn't decide if it was "but carry" or "and carry" and didn't realise I typed both.

*blog flogs himself*

Interesting. Is that real?

I wonder if they realize that churches who endorse a particular political candidate or issue lose their tax-free status?

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