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March 21, 2007


Could it please, pretty please, be South Florida's gain?

(Thanks - and we mean that - to Tweetywill)


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awww man!

Flashing Bits WBAGNF a bagpipe band!

^5 Siouxie!

Men in kilts.......{sigh}

South Florida can have them since it would be an improvement.

Did the Scotsman passed out in the street win first prize?

" Oh- Ring ding didly aye de O! Ring ding didldy aye O! Oh lad I don't know where ya been but I see ye've won first prize"

*SNORK!* - discretely - at "bagpipe".

"The good burghers of Krakow" could use that grill Manny's selling.

*snork at Meanie snorking at Just Ducky*

WOOOO! Sequential simuls!

*feeling a little tingly*

Wooooooo hooooooooooooo DDD & Ducky!!!

Taking the 'Pol(e)' out of Poland.

Of course, there are areas of Texas where wearing a kilt is not only a capital offense but used as target practice.

South Florida has enough entertainment. We need them here in Puritanical New England.

And Tweetywill = I wetly welt

*snork* @ fivver

Q: What's a Scotsman really wear under his kilt?

A: Socks and shoes....

(Yeah, it's old, but it's still funny.)

Key name in the article:

consul general Aleksander Dietcow

When the regular cow is too high in fat. (He might pronounce it deetsov but still...)

ubetcha: thanks for that. I always wondered...

Texas: I saw some kilts in San Antonio just this past weekend. Must have been some special occaision though...

The good burghers of Krakow and Warsaw are sick of the sight of boozed-up "men in skirts" flashing their bits in the street.

And so say all of us (men).

at first I was like "dave wouldnt post this..." Then I saw "posted by judi"

she wants to stare at the bag and pipe...

I guess they will Britney a run for the money on the up-skirts shots....

Poles don’t care about beer that’s spilt
But Scots, don’t you dare lift your kilt
So our Judi said, “Come
To Miami—have fun!"
She’d enjoy that floor show to the hilt.

Texas - I was working in your state many years ago when I traveled with a work colleague and his visiting Scot cousin to San Antonio. The cousin wore his kilt proudly, but I had a great time watching the faces of regular San Antonians as they noticed his attire. It was particularly enjoyable to see wives poking their cowboy husbands really hard to stop them from staring.

I have photos of this guy in front of the Alamo. What was most amazing, though, was when we walked along the downtown Riverwalk trying to decide where to quench our thirsts, a man at one of the sidewalk tables called out "Clan Mac[somethingorother]", greeted the kilted visitor and proceeded to buy us several rounds of drinks. He had recognized the tartan pattern of the kilt and correctly identified it. We jeans-clad types were very impressed.

too bad they weren't this stern with the Germans in 1939

A gentleman doesn't lift his kilt unless asked, but then does it gladly!

*sigh* I'll just never understand you bloglit women's fixation with men in kilts

AFKAT, thank you.

*will go barf that cheesy beer dog I just had*

Siouxie - don't click...hover....hover...!

*bops self on head*


Thank god, portly American men do not wear kilts. Especially, portly, drunk, American men.

Beppie...are you inferring that I wouldn't look good in a kilt???

Hah. You're probably a climate-change denier too...

fixing AFKAT's linky.

THAT's more like it, Annie!

my eyes thank you muchly!

wow! what a great way to start the morning!

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