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March 09, 2007


We do think this is funny, but we find ourselves with an uncharacteristically serious reaction to it: WHY? we wonder. Why would you want to access these sites while you're at work? We admit we are not a guy, but we just don't get it.

(Thanks to qsman)

UPDATE: Ohhhhh. NOW we get it.


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Why not? What better way to break the tediummmmmmmmmmmzzzzzzzzzz............

Philosophically phirst?

Way to simu, DD - ^10

I probably could have been first to post on this topic, but I was busy surfing porn....

Needless to say, the women reporters in the newsroom love me...

"Look, don't touch," means different things in different contexts.

Back atcha ec! ^10

So what happens when our filter at work finally recognizes the blog is innapropriate content?

Well, I can't speak for myself, but if a computer's pop-up blockers and filters and whatnot are not up-to-date, an otherwise innocent website can pop-up many unwanted images - which show up in your browser's history for the IT geeks to find. Check out the story on the Julie Amero case.

I'm guessing that a lot of things are in disrepair at the MD DOT, if the maintenace staff is sitting at computers...

But, judi! Where do you get all those yummy nekkid men pics to post for us? Hm? Aren't you allegedly "working" whilst you troll for those? Oh, wait - nevermind. That IS your job!

Add a "n" to above please.

Belated congrats to Mrs. Blog for her Headliner award!

Judi, do you need a bit of privacy?

I swear thats got to be a sock!

ok hammy, i fixed it ;)

For what it's worth, those employees appeared to draw from 'active' jobs; maintenance, repair, etc. I suspect they are like me in that they are being forced to become more managerial and get stultifyingly bored, sitting at a desk. They just hadn't discovered the Blog, so even p0rn was better than getting right on that TSP report!

...who said the guilty parties would be punished but did not elaborate other than to say it would include suspension of Internet privileges and other “appropriate disciplinary actions.”

said disciplinary actions will be transmitted live via web-cam on "traffic out-of-controllers" dot com!

1) Some (many) sites that 'contain nude pictures' also contain other things that are not nude pictures and they may have been visiting those portions.

2) Work connection is broadband, some folks still have slow connections at home (me, I've got (reasonably) broadband even on my phone).

3) I've been informed that there is no 3.

judi - THANKS for the fix - it's very refreshing (i.e. - hit 'refresh' and you get another pic - wheeeeeee!)

*zips in™*

I am seriously ROFL at the picture link.

MEN have "problem solvers"? Who knew?
This is hilarious.

Would all the male DB bloggers who have "problem solving" undies please identify yourself - and your problem.

Thank you. *snork*

Check out the #1 Christian p0rn site.

El - haven't you noticed? Whenever a guy has a problem, he reaches into his pants for his 'problem solver' and viola!

AnnieWBH - Men keep violas in their pants?

*snork* @ Mr. C. Oh, wait - what's Tom Bosley doing here?

Organs, yes. Violas, not so much.

My viola is bigger than your viola!

*snork, snork, snork*

you know, it's funny how guys always say "size doesn't matter" but what's the FIRST THING they resort to when trying to intimidate another male? ;)

judi, i totally agree with you. i have never understood why men would go to these sites at work. there's really only one reason to visit them...do you really want that going on at work?

judi - they're just using their 'problem solvers.' Like rock, paper, scissors...only weirder....much weirder.

Judi, experience tells me that using my huge staggering intellect to outwit an opponent will usually lead to a physical response anyhow, so why bother?

psssst judi, it's only the 'small' ones minded guys who say that;)

you mean like;
"Mine is so big it doesn't return Spielbergs calls"

Big *SNORK* for judi! Thank you for giving the woman's perspective. However, I do not view that as porn, but merely good eye candy for the womenfolk.

OK, Gad, you're forgiven with a *snork*!

Brian A: One of those guys came and spoke at my college last fall. Funny guy, but I think some students there might be a little too sheltered to appreciate his stories/humor.

Those guys weren't completely unclothed, so I think they count as eye candy. Thanks, Judi. Wow, one of the last guys on the first set of pictures looked *very* happy :)

Boy, 2 in one week! Thanks judi!

And Maryland is talking about raising taxes, no doubt they are running out of bandwidth

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