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March 28, 2007


(Thanks to everyone)


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maybe they just don't have "chemistry"

"By WATCHARAPORN TAITHONGCHAI, Associated Press Writer "


I can't believe they are exploiting female panda's like that. What would their mother's think?!

*Notes with tone dripping in sarcasm*

Boy, just what a woman wants in a partner - a guy who learned everything he knows from watching p0rn!

Yeah, I'll say, marfie! Dang, how many times a week would he be ordering pizza??

Gad!! you took the words right outta my fingers!


That HAS to be a joke, right???

So marfie and Beppie! Had some bad experiences have you?!


oops - snork was for marfie's men comment. :D

Hey, Al - are you saying you're better than porn?!

Maybe...just maybe Chuang Chuang is gay (nttawwt) unless you're Lin Hui, that is.

Here's hoping they kept the goats far away from the panda p0rn.

Just saying that it sounds that marfie and Beppie need to widen their circle of acquaintances (IYKWIM)if all the men they know learned everything they know from a panda porno movie.

"Chuang Chuang does Chinatown"

Aha, Al. True.

Maybe if they put them up in a hotel with a waterbed . . .

The panda might learn something...if the zoo workers would quit blocking his view of the tv.

Setting: Dusk in a remote bamboo forest

Ling Ling: (in a stilted high school level acting voice) Oh, I am such a naughty panda, I have spilled my drink all over my fur, whatever shall I do?

Ping Ping: Hold still, let me lick it off you.

Ling Ling: Oh Ping Ping, stop. I'm expecting the Hot Bamboo delivery boy at time.

Chiang Chiang: Hello ladies, did one of you order some steamed bamboo, heavy on the leaves?

Ling Ling: (Said as if reading it at the same time)That doesn't seem like enough for both of us, do you have anything else that might satisfy our insatiable appetites.

Ok from here on out, I will preview my posts first, DOH!

So, is this 'Ping P0rn'?

No, no Al - you missed the sarcastic tone of my post. I teach my men everything that they need to know. ;-)

typical guy, marfie - he didn't understand you.

uh-oh...this thread had the no-no word 'p0rn' in the header...am I in trouble?

Yes, Annie, Trouble with a capital T, but I believe that you are the blog girl who doesn't mind being corrected, right?!

back on topic: Is there no such thing as artificial insemination for pandas? Farmers rely on this technique way more than letting nature take its course.

I think that's a great question and I know nothing about raising animals, but I have a law degree so I'll pretend I know what I'm talking about. I do know from an old roommate who worked at a turkey farm that one has to collect the, er, stuff, and in fact help the turkey achieve its mission, or emission if you prefer. Still with me? So how the heck are you going to collect from a panda? They're very big, vicious animals? Now for the big finish -- and res ipsa loquitar.

maybe they just don't have "chemistry"

I can help! Oh THAT kind of chemistry. Never mind.

Tai Shan, the young panda at the National Zoo, was created through artificial insemination.

Female pandas only have a day or 2 per *year* in which they can make a baby. Apparently, a lot of the male pandas are pretty clueless when it comes to mating.

Kristina: A lot of males, period. Not just pandas. ;-)

This delightful story ran in my local newspaper (The Dominion in NZ) with the clever little headline:


The two pandas have been kept separate since late last year as part of efforts to spark some romance between them.

Anyone else see a logical difficulty with this approach?

My only question is how they got the pandas in the porn to act like copier repairmen/pizza delivery guys/door-to-door salesmen.

Oh, and were the female pandas in the porn wearing fishnets stockings, garter belts and leather bustiers?

Now, that would be hot disturbing!

Baron, it's just a little early for such disturbing mental visuals. just finished my first cup of coffee. do NOT want to think about pandas in bustiers. hell, even after a pot of coffee, i don't want to think about it.

If it is so difficult to get pandas to breed, what did they have to do to get them in the mood to make a porno? Just askin'.



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