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March 28, 2007


(Thanks to Esther, who says, "I am also from Apex “the Peak of Good Living” here in NC. I have noticed the dilapidated state of this house many times, but never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that he had 80 sheep living with him – eighty!!!…not in the yard, mind you, but in the downstairs of the house!!!")


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Anyone find any orange spray paint?

And they don't mention them eating any porno mags....

Can I get a hat-trick out of this?

Moment of seriousness:/
"Some had severe hoof rot, paralyzed limbs and prolapsed uteruses, in which a ewe's reproductive organs hang outside the body after it has given birth, Williams said."

This is so sad. Why won't people take care of things they just have to have? Animals, children, spouses...?
/End seriousness

I'll bet he didn't have any trouble falling asleep, anyway.

DD - yes, you can. But don't try to pull the wool over our eyes.

*wonders if he had them all numbered*

It just goes to show, ewe never know if your neighbors are good or baaaaaaaad.

Mr. Watts is running from the law and currently on the lamb.

Stevie - ewe may be right, but meanie told me that sheep snore.

Snork @ steve w

"As many as 30 healthy sheep could be available for adoption, officials said."

errr...isn't that just going to spread the problem to other neighbourhoods?

Yeah, I bet he started with 2 ten years ago!!! The original article I sent in (which presumably wasn't linked because you need to register to view it) stated that he actually considered the sheep more like "roommates" than pets...in that case, this makes that pothead slob of a roommate I had in college look better and better...

baaaaad to the bone...

It's all because Serta stole their jobs.

They weren't really really really sheep sheep sheep they were wolfs wolfs wolfs dressed in sheeps sheeps sheeps clothing.

Thank ewe very much...........pelvis has left the building.

Love ne tender...love me

Love me tender...love me

darn almost caugh it...why are you writing to youself...oh it's a bit theruputic...is that how you spell theruputic...i relly don't know

Way LTthisG - Annie, I never said any such thing. What I said was that you never need a blanket.

Even Later TTG--My husband's first question when I told him about this yesterday was "is he Scottish?"

Some New Zelanders have made a sheep horror film. Killer Sheep Trailer

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