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March 01, 2007


Four years? That's IT??


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First to go...whoah!

"heated argument"


That headline led me to think maybe he shouldn't date such loose women.

Me too, DPC ... hehehehehehehehe ...

Somehow, I don't think she is going to be dating again!

Siouxie, put away the hot wax, we have a new tool (har) to keep the bloguys in line!

The advert to the right asks if you're "on her hot list". Coincidence?

If a girlfriend is an 'unrelated cause' would a wife be a 'related cause'?

Doctor, I've got this painful burning sensation...

fondue fuel...a sterno? Holy...

I'll bet Guillaume Pungo really ponged after she got through with the weenie roast - so to speak.

wonders if she dipped it in melted chocolate before starting the fire.

*backs away from fivver and PB, wishing not to get shoes scorched in fallout*

Just walk away Rene,
You don't have to burn his dick and balls
When you made wand fondue,
His c*ck was not the same
You set that flame.

(I only used the "c" word cos it rhymed with the original. Apologies if I offended anyone's early morning sensibilities. Like cg did).

Poor Guillaume...carrying a torch for this woman....

four years is too few
for the burnt weenie offence
death is not enough

strangely reminded
of flaming pop-tart story
don't toast my pastry

queen of narnia
is my bride better frozen
than aflame a say

I hope this idea doesn't work it's way into a 24 plot...

OT: the queen of narnia, by the way, is going into the hospital tomorrow morning for a "procedure". she has been unwell for a couple of months now and we are hoping that this will fix it. i will insert an update when it is appropriate. in the meanwhile your prayers, positive thoughts, burnt tea leaves, mutilated poultry, chants, etc. are appreciated.

Give her our prayers, Mud. I will personally mutilate a chicken in her honor and chant good thoughts as I cover it in barbeque sauce and sacrifice it over hot coals.

*looks for virgin to sacrifice, doesn't find one*
*sacrifices chocolate instead*
Best wishes to the Queen.

*Waves @ Nurse Tammy*

*surprised Hammie recognized me without soap*
*waves back*

I've turned off the camera, NT. I kept getting a large angry cuban guy sharpening a knife. Disturbing.

You might be disappointed, Hammie, but I'm sure you'll live longer! ;)

He died from unrelated causes.
Hum... What do think those might be?

Was it the inability to pee without a hand full of vicidin?

Was it pooping out a freezed dried colon?

Or was it when ever he saw a ballpark frank ad he realized they really dont plump when you cook them?

Great balls of fire!!!

casey??? I'm ready!!

*takes out flame thrower*

*discreetly shows blogdudes stash of asbestos underwear*

mud, I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. As far as chicken sacrificing...I've stopped doing that since I left the Santeria of Hialeah Church.

I will, however, flame-boil a weenie on her behalf.

"late boyfriend's penis"

Yeah, I'd say 'tis pretty late indeed.

Hmm...that would be flame BROIL of course. Tastes much better that way.

I'm sorry, but Guillaume Pungo? He's just asking for it.

sorry for offending ya'lls oh so delicate sensibilities!

peace and well wishes to the queen, mud.

*laughs maniacally*

I posted the following on the NUTRITION ADVICE thread last night around 9 pm...

haute cuisine in NJ



Now that's just wrong.


Oh I wish I hadn't burnt his little weiner
That is what I truly now regret
Cuz since I flamed my boyfriend's little weiner
Four years in prison is what I will get.



Moon and OtheU,

There's a tad more on Hal Holbrook/Mark Twain back on the HARVARD thread. ;-)


*tosses charred hotdog buns in Souxie's direction*

Sing it purty, Siouxie!


she "meated" out some "Sterno" justice....

*good luck on the queen's operation, mud!*

Mud, prayers for the queen on their way... Blessings on you and yours.

Thanks, JG!

you can stop throwing those now...

Our prayers are with you and the queen mud.

Flaming passion?

lower case cg, that's exactly what I was wondering. (the chocolate) Maybe she was stoned and thought it was a banana.
Could happen.

thanks el! easy mistake!

siouxie, you forgot to ask, "how's that?"

What can ya say? When dining, some people just like 'em well done. Others send it back. And still others go to another restaurant. This woman decided she'd cook it herself. Though I think she might've screwed up the recipe.

Cuz it's Fon, Due, Three Times A Lady...!

C'mon baby light my fire
C'mon baby light my fire
Try to set the night on fire


Go on, copy and paste that into your browser. You KNOW you want to!!

/Or I could figure out how to code! D'oh!

Hot dog in trouble!

"He died from unrelated causes.
Hum... What do think those might be?

Posted by: From another world | 09:59 AM on March 1, 2007"

FAW, he died of embarrassment, methinks.

Mud, {{Prayers}} for the queen...

Moon... *SNORK*!!!!

My prayers go out for the queen, mud.

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