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March 28, 2007


How we ever defeated these people in a war, this blog will never know.

(Thanks to Peter M)


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*sees that whipped cream has moved out of the bedroom*

The guy in the three-piece suit is the best...


i can think of better reasons to be in a tub of whipped cream....

I love Japanese game shows. For those of you who are not behind my stooopid firewall, youtube has videos of several others.


That is a great first line for a personals ad. I think you would get inundated with responses.

**SNORK** at PM. And cg - you just run with that. :)

ooooooooooooh, PM! yeah! if anyone needs me, i'll be updating my add.

cg - it's worth saying again - make sure the whipped cream is at room temperature...and that you are not. Purrrrr.

Rrrrowrrrr, Annie! :) Very good.

*grins wickedly*

Purely a technical comment on this topic -- but I believe whipped cream dissolves at room temperature. Despite its superior taste, the chemical stew called Cool Whip might be a better idea.

Annie, I'm sure you've been told that, right??


When I lived in Japan I would have these shows on the evening for background while I made dinner. Their programming is gravid with such mindless tripe.

I was once kicked out of a hotel room during spring break in Daytona Beach for my flagrant use of whipped cream in a can. Can you imagine just how bad I was to get kicked out of a hotel room during spring break at Daytona?

casey, you bad bad girl you!!

Meet ya in Daytona??? Guys?? who's bringing the whipped cream??

So, was that one guy naked? And was the host a he or she?

*booking flight to Daytona NOW*

uh...we dropped nuclear bombs on them.

PM - good point, but the lowfat stuff seems to stay fluffier longer.

Annie, I'm sure you've been told that, right??


Posted by: Siouxie | 11:24 AM on March 28, 2007

Yes, Siouxie - YOU told me. ;)

Dr. Doug, when I lived in Japan I honed my Japanese language skills watching their game shows. I learned to say some pretty interesting things.

We should combine this show with professional wrestling and maybe interpretive dance based on the major themes of 24, if there are any.

Does Homeland Security have an issue with whipped cream if I put it in a 1 quart container?

"Sir, why do you have 40 containers of whipped cream in your luggage?"

"We're meeting these great girls in Daytona..."

40 quarts?? OH MY!!

we're gonna need a bigger tub

You know, if we start using that device in Congress, C-SPAN can quadruple their ratings.

Hey hey, stop with that whip cream talk up there, its making me all, um .... hungry.

They do show some of those Japanese game shows on either Spike or G4/TechTV. Ninja Warrior is awe inspiring and isn't based on the usual slapstick, embarassment that is usual Japanese game shows. Here's some episodes from that same web site.
Sasuke aka Ninja Warrior in US

Thanks for the link, Dave. Loved your Japan book ;)

Book? Dave wrote a book? Wonder why he never mentioned it? ;o)

For karaoke lovers, this is the best performance I have ever seen!


For karaoke lovers, this is the best performance I have ever seen!


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