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March 29, 2007


Crime is out of control.


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Red-handed? Eeeeew. Somebody send the poor woman some hygeine products!

She should have washed her hands first.
She wouldn't have been caught red-handed then ...

I guess she was caught because she left behind a paper trail.

Why she was caught red-handed

Were they legal rolls, or puffed up rolls from Limpopo..? someone call SATMA..

The TP was worth 37 yen? That's about 35 Cents.
And then they fined her 100,000 yen($850)? Those Japanese are tough!

Stealing paper from a school? She's gonna get reamed.

*snork* at stevie

You dont have a square to spare?

Thats right I dont have a square to spare... Someone took it all.

Ok, thats it call the police. She went too far this time.

Come on guys... who hasn't gone into a public restroom and said, "Hey cool! Free Toilet Paper."

Speaking of toilet paper security, don't you all just hate those public dispensers that only give out a half a sheet per pull? Talk about tight wads!!!

She was caught rainbow handed, She was a real ladys lady.

Wait wait wait, she wanted her mummy! or I guess her dummy might have of sufficed. Harry Carry....remember the Ala-camode!

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