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March 23, 2007


Squid-flavored postcards.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Fan mail from some flounder?

*FIRST to wonder what DavCat14 is doing on a site called 'giggle sugar.'*


What kind of ink must you use? Giant?

Can you fry them and dip them?

I NEED to know these things.

Watch it, or I might just *ink* all over the place.


I think I need to order one of the bullsh!t detector watches. Now that is a product well worth 39.95 and shipping.

Med - if you ordered it, wouldn't it be going off?

Did you all (the guys) click on the picture of the chick in the Boral bikini???

make that BoraT

Squid Jerky???

Siouxie - yes.

And what is the least attractive article of women's clothing? My vote goes to mumu / house frock.

My sister gave me one this Christmas. In polyester. I cannot think WHY she thought I would want it....

"Squish you were here!"

I vote for the Granny panties.

Mumus are a close second although fluffy slippers are cute and comfy.

Squid Jerky is awesome. It has a definite squid taste too it, but it allows you to chew it and enjoy.
Wow, I got to get some post cards.

*snork* @ granny panties.

Well, they do seem to turn on that goofy British actor from Bridget Jones whose name has temporarily slipped my mind and I'm too lazy to Google right now.... Sheesh.


That's it. Good grief. Sheesh.

He was so good as Ed Asner.

OMG Colin Firth OMG


him, DD????

Annie - I definitely cannot wear the watch while on dave's blog. The bunny doesn't have enough batteries to keep up.

How many postcards can be made out of the world's largest squid?
And didn't we blog this last year? I'm just sayin...

squid flavored postcards
a snack without tentacles
a message from mars?

squid jerky is good
this thread has made me hungry
i am not from mars

Agreed...dried squid is soooo good.

The postcards are just odd though...

Mr.Squidword you've got mail!Ahhhhhhhhhh...Sponge Bob.

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