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March 31, 2007


In Miami, nobody would have noticed this motorist.

Key Phrase: "A Plentywood woman"

(Thanks to Allan Stricker)


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And her lawyer will get an honorary license to practice in California.

Politics? Connections? Whatever do you mean?

Simply Reason #2,389 to never go to Montana ... unless your vehicle can be used as a means of self-defense ...

*Think: Large ... semi-tractor-trailer, or Abrams Tank preferred ... *


Now this - this confirms my belief in the judicial system. *rolls eyes in sheer disbelief*

Well, I'm just thrilled his wife and children weren't on the road somewhere in that 80 FRIGGIN' MILE STRETCH where they could have been killed or something....

C'mon people! The poor woman was misdirected because they installed all the signs facing the wrong way.

... also wonderin' about the Implied Consent law we've got in Nodak ... thot it wuz perty universal, at least in the USA ... if she refused a B-A or other test in Nodak, the revokageness of her license is AUTOMATIC ... no "cause" needed ...

One error in the "news story" however ... most ambulance/police/fire people are now trained to say ... " ... smelled LIKE alcohol ..." and to NOT say ... " ... a smell OF alcohol ..."

(There are certain instances when the "smell" is apparent, but it is an actual medical condition, and no alcohol is present in the person's system ...)

Merely fer exactly deals like this, where some hotshot, good-buddy lawyer or judge can sneak the potential killer thru a loophole ...

And her lawyer will get an honorary license to practice in California.

Posted by: Lairbo | 08:54 AM on March 31, 2007

*pfffffft!* In California, she never would have made it 80 miles. Highway Patrol would have put her out of commission way before that.

Sounds like she's going for the 'you didn't prove I was drunk - I coulda been stupid' defense. Why no blood test? Out here, if you refuse the breathalizer, you have to take a blood test.

That could have ended a lot worse.

Hi guys!
Would have been a lot more humorous, if I hadn't awakened to the news this AM with pictures of the result of a crash on the turnpike with a wrong-way driver. Not pleasant.

What e.c. said.

And why isn't the governor of Montana pulling ol' David Cybulski off the bench?!?

ec -- there's a not uncommon phrase that might possibly describe one excuse as to why ... tho, not knowin' the nomclatureal structure of Montana lawyer/judge arrangements, I prolly shouldn't repeat it here ...

"Good ol' boy" system is p'haps a more acceptable way of hinting about it ... merely ... rememberin' this is a sorta family-rated blog ...

If this woman wasn't drunk, she has some serious problems. How could she soberly do this? Of course, if she was drunk and driving, she still has really serious problems.

$80 for driving the wrong way on an Interstate, putting dozens of lives in danger???? My son got a speeding ticket for 20 miles over the limit on an empty highway and it cost us $450. And that was after pleading it down to a "no points" offense. I don't plan on driving in Montana any time soon if drunks and other dangerous drivers get off that easy.

She was probably coming back from the Scuzzy Disco.
I have made that drive several times myself in a previous life.

It's no big deal, no one lives up there anyway.

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