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March 30, 2007


(Thanks to Dogg Fish)


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Why do I get the impression he's his own best customer?


*makes a note for the decor of his motorhome...*

Where is everybody?

"Is I got halitosias?" (Free ride on geezer bus to anyone who gets the reference)

RtWH, 'cause he's only 46 and looks like he's pushing 60?

"Officer Wilson, I think we have a problem in that vehicle."

"Why's that?"

"I just took my drug dog over by that RV. He took one sniff and his head exploded."

Troopers hit the jackpot Wednesday when they arrested a man driving a methamphetamine lab on wheels, who had drugs tucked away in his armpit, grew marijuana in a tub and was on probation violation for murder.

I'm confused. Probation is something you get sentenced to. Parole is when you are released before the end of your sentence. So this guy got probation for murder? Or was the murder what he did to violate his probation for another offense? Or is this more shoddy journalism? Where's Mr. Language Person?

Missed (the hat trick) by that much!

Exactly, CJ. I'm thinking they didn't need to sacrifice any drug dogs on this one. One look, and they've got probable cause.

All I can think of is "Up in Smoke*

HEY BLOG GIRLS??? Looks like we've got another winner to pick from. Things seem to be looking up for us and that Lenten Season man drought. hooptidoo!

The ultimate criminal revenge: committing alaundyr list of crimes at once, giving the arresting officer writer's cramp filing the report. Downright dastardly!

Siouxie - yup - those eyes will keep you up at night. And not in a good way.

Whoa - check out those eyes!

Uhoh, sorry Annie, you got there first (and are welcome to him).

Siouxie, I also thought of Cheech & Chong:

"I just thought of something funny... your mother!"

Whoa...that photo is just scary.

A friend of mine who is a prison guard refers to people like this fine upstanding citizen as "job security."

McComas is charged with trafficking, manufacturing and possessing methamphetamine, one capital warrant for murder, three felony warrants, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, introduction of contraband to a jail facility and possession of drug paraphernalia and cultivation of marijuana.

The arresting officer is going to be doing paperwork for a MONTH!


Could he have a better name: McComas? And being from Cocoa?

This guy is right out of central casting. Are we sure this is not police week on Candid Camera?

This is the kind of photo they need to use in the "don't do drugs" ads. Show a normal 46 year old and then show this guy. Ewwww!

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