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March 01, 2007


You click on the image of the two guys, then you use the backspace and left-arrow keys. What you use them for, this blog has no idea. But you probably should not play this in an office with the sound turned up, unless you have a gaseous co-worker nearby to blame the noises on.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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stooopid firewall


You use the space bar and left arrow keys.

You have to relieve your internal pressure before it gets to high. But you have to do it without the gentleman next to you noticing. Otherwise, you get a pretty ominous stare and Jaws-like music.

this game stinks....yay!

Dang...it all looks chinese to me.

I keep farting way too early...and get the death stare.

I certainly don't need this. My boss has perfected the one cheek sneak sans sneak. I just threw up in my mouth a little. Did I ever tell you how disgusting my boss is?

I linked to this a couple weeks ago. I blamed this game on mudstuffin.

*still pouting*

releasing pressure
finesse the telltale odor
i'm inscrutable

clench, visualize stealth
release gently like a finch
hope for little "tweet"

meanwhile in real life
surely this would not happen
would be loud, clown-like

YAY!! I got 1050A! points...whatever that means.

thanks. I'll never get those two minutes back....

Unhappy Tammy
Made this fart joke long ago
Should go to sleep now

This is my hint that I should stick to gtting First!s, right?

a thunderclap roars
nurse tammy looks startled, red
yet it was not me

be still my sphincter
hold tight the dirty secret
or blame nurse tammy

voluminous burst
rips through, gives voice to smell
musical offence

green mist floods the blog
eyes watering, methane burns
no one light a match!

"Be Still My Sphincter"
The Annotated Poetry of Mudstuffin
Available from Putnam, June, 2008

*note to self: probably best not to check the Blog during lunch*

silent and deadly
if you heard it, wasn't me
I blame mud's buttsnake


Beans...beans, they're good for your heart..


why is it that flatulence brings out the talent in this blog? bravo, NT and mudstuffin.

could do this all day
-wisdom from an eye-dropper-
dispense the fart-ku

leaning on lamppost
straining to restrain the beast
sweat breaks on tense brow

inflated, billious
like sitting on a beach-ball
two inches taller

Maybe because fart jokes are always funny?

always funny, yes
but never welcome is he
the voice from the south

answer the phone, please
trying to concentrate and
some ass keeps calling

expert at fart jokes
parent of three little muds
my excuse, or theirs?

Ed:I'm sorry, Shaun.
Shaun:It's OK.
Ed:No, I'm *sorry*, Shaun.
[smells Ed's fart]
Shaun: Oh, God, that's rotten!
Ed: I'll stop doing them when you stop laughing!
Shaun: I'm not laughing!

*sprays Glade™ & turns on fans*

*opens blog windows*

Check out what happens when you let the pressure build too much.

I linked to this exact same game , here , on 2/21 0505. So there!

I have too much time
Not nearly enough to do
I look up fart games

we believe you, Tammy...

there there! have a gumball.

*grumble grumble*
*munches gumball*
I think I need another.

*tosses a chocolate covered gumball now*

Want some cheese to go with that whine?? ;-)

Nah, I'll just stick with the whine. :P

Tammy, if it's any consolation, when it was posted, my first thought was "Hey, Tammy linked to that last week!"

I remember, too, Tammy. I knew I'd seen it before. What IS it with the ChiNESE??

sfh: er... that was korean.

Nurse Tammy, the link took so long to load last week that I gave up. Now I see what I missed out on.

*gives 3 huzzahs for Tammy*

1) Seeing how Mrs, Thunking is a flesh-and-blood Korean, I sent her the link and asked her about this game. She said it's stupid and childish. Perfect for the blog.

2) Press the space bar only when a car or lorry is passing.

3) We have issued an Amber Alert for #3.

4) I ran the score up to 20,000. Got bored and quit.

For best effect, eat kimchee before playing.

*tosses pickled-turnip-with-chili-squid-flavored gumball to Tammy*

I scored 830, anyone beat that?

1640, but I don't think I'm proud of it.

Oh. Korean. Aren't they related?

*respectfully hums (The?) Arirang in honor of Mrs. Thunking*

Goody, goody. Now I can stay up all night playing this one. If you see a brown cloud over NW NJ, you'll know who to blame thank.

3370. OK, the left arrow lets you fart silently, but the bottom gauge tells how how much silent fart you can do. If you fart while the forklift goes by, you get silent fart recharge.

3) We have issued an Amber Alert for #3.

**SNORK** @ random thunking

*inhales the sweet smell of vindication*
*chokes on residual green mist*

5090. OK guys, I have set the new bar!!

*guess I can't claim I didn't inhale*

*hands SCUBA gear to Nurse Tammy*

A gas mask just wouldn't cut it, NT.


Excuse me, your neoprene is melting...

Someone ate eggrolls *said accusingly*

I goofed and got the stare of death at 47,000+...
+only cars in the near lane count
+either the forklift or the big flatbed give you enough time to recharge the silent-fart meter.
+even fast cars give you enough time for 170-200 pts
+if you stop when the car passes that lamppost to the right, the salariman doesn't hear you.

I can only surmise player is downwind.
*Lots* of wind.

Anybody recall the farting aliens in Dr Who?

gonna stop there

good 'ol Korean fun

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