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March 31, 2007


(Thanks to beaniehampton)


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"Hi, uh, I tried to turn my system on...yeah, I plugged it in first...but all it did was make my french fries crispier..."

"Should I spread lots of newspaper about before immersing the CPU and boiling the oil?"

Wouldn't this work better with a Mac?


I tried it, but my scores were shockingly low...

Naw, Lairbo ... Macs are cool!

So THAT's what they mean when they tell me "you fried your motherboard."

What do you want to bet this started with somebody saying "Damn I bet you could fry an egg on that thing!"

Would you like files with that?

FINALLY! Now I can have snacks to go with my laser coffee!

**snork** @ lairbo

Would you like fries with that?

Hey, what's this "Int3l Inside" sticker doing on my new deep fryer?

And what does this "Crisco Systems" label mean?

**snork @ meanie**

As a lowly computer programmer by day and a computer superhero, like geek squad only cooler ( ie more pocket protectors) I am going to recommend against this. However here's something I do recommend doing with those peskie little MACs

Uh oh, orcel. You're gonna have OtheU all worked up, now.... :)

"Mmmm....these fries are yummy! Did the oil contain any trans-fats?"

"Nope, just trans-istors."

"I just can't resistor them!"

*grooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaan* @ punkin

^5s her for a good groaner.

Let this be a Wesson to us all. Never buy a PC from Taco Dell.

*high 5's deskdiva right back*

"Mmmmm.....yummy chips."

Oh, and SNORK @ Meanie for his Wessonality.

It's got Wessonality!®

Try to keep up, Florence.

(She's getting old. Her hair can't hold a flip like it used to)






That's a very nicely done page, also ...

Since it involves a lot of grafix werk, I know it wuz done on a Mac ... merely sayin' ...

OtheU...it probably was done on a MAC. Heck my best artistic crap is done on a MAC, but when its time to do real work, I go to a real computer...Linux.

OK ... whut ever ... I enjoyed the site, tho ... and I enjoy tradin' critiques of other systems with those who (geek or not) have a sense of humor ...

Hello, this is Tech Support, George F0reman speaking, how can I help you?

MACs are better for turkeys.

Yep, Annie ... more power, and faster, too ...

LMAO... kudos to all hands. ;-)

I especially liked the aquarium conversions -- thanks, orcel. Way down the page was yet another use for a recycled Mac. Just the thing for the mouser in your life...

Jerseygirl - hilarious. Especially the look on the cat's face.

Whut, Annie ... you mean the "It's MY Mac, and keep your filthy paws offa it!" glare?

More like, "how humiliating - taking a dump in a MAC."

More likely he's echoing Catbert's sentiments when the PHB visited him in that situation: "Dude, seriously. Come back later."

Holy coincidence! Did some Googling to see if, by some miracle, I could find the strip in question, and wound up at a blog which mentioned the Weinermobile: http://www.saroy.net/archives/uncategorized/

Silly me. Forgot this blog doesn't auto-convert links for you. Here 'tis.


Naw, Annie, I think it's more like, "At least I don't hafta sit in a disgusting PC!"

" ... or I'd NEVER get done, here ..."

"Honey, I thought you were making fries for dinner."

"I was going to but the bot blocked me."

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