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March 29, 2007


(Thanks to Gordon)


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FIRST to pooh-pooh this.

Oh, bother!

I think they must be getting plenty of fiber.

I'm gonna sue the pooh outta you!!!

"The Slesinger family has said that its claims against the Burbank entertainment giant could be worth as much as $2 billion. "

No wonder they made such a big stink.

Oh, and didn't they do a Pooh Suit on J@ck@ss™?

so who grew the longest tail?

I love Pooh. enuff said

hey, is some one who packs Winnie the Pooh toys a Pooh Packer?

Tigger always wanted to kick Pooh's butt. They never really got along off the set. And that Piglet-Pooh relationship was a tad odd. NTTAWWT.

the judge told them to scat?

Annie, I always thought it weird too. And them living in the "hundred acre wood".

Suddenly, this doesn't look like an accident.

District 7
In Which Poo(h) Gets Thrown by Both Sides

so he's still stuffed with fluff...isn't he....?

An overrated primadonna, I tell you!

Poor folks. Getting beaten in court by that mickey mouse outfit.

Is someone posting using Siouxie's name again?

Judi, is there a way you can ban the idiot who is using other people's names?

*Snork* @ Paddington!

and the siouxie phony can take a long hike thru the hundred acre wood.

Yeaaaaaaa i love
when imposters get their johnson stuck in lumbermill machinery.

I'd like to see a D¡sney movie where Rabbit and Donald get into a p¡ssing contest. That would be cool.

sheesh...I leave for a min and the idiot's back...

I know it's hard but get over me already ..k?? ;-)

At least you spelled it right this time.

So, what happens when the pooh hits the Chaz Fan?

*oh, and please capitalize my pPooh*

Sioux, ex-beau troubles? No problemo. Just give us the word and we will "Gillooly" his sorry @ss.

LOL random!

I don't think it's an ex-beau...if I knew I'd have kicked his sorry @ss already ;-)

Feel free to whack away though.

(Besides...all my exes...uh..ex...love me.)

in local circles i am known as a real force in long pooh. i've been known to produce poohs 24" - 30" in length.

also "long-pooh" is a japanese poetic form of 17 syllables, the subject matter: pooh.

oh, bother he said
just a little smackerel
while licking his lips

christopher robin
cried the pooh hoping to see
a wee lad approach

"you should warn people"
said piglet "dear me," said pooh
"sorry i farted"

very nice poem, mud...I think it may have taken care of my stalker ;-)

You Sure about that?

Long-pooh....the new division of Olympic track & field.

*adds tape measure to list of things NEVER to borrow from mudstuffin*

dear phony siouxie - may someone fill your 'showes' with concrete while I punctuate your colon.

*snork* @ Annie!!

ya got my back, gf!!

And for the phony me...I know you were the idiot doing it back then and you got your @ss banned. I guess you haven't matured much since.

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