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March 30, 2007


(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


(Thanks to pm)


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What's wrong with latex gloves?? sheesh!

It must be those people with latex allergies that are offended.

first to say at least she isn't latex sensitive

Whoa! Was it good for everyone else?

*adjusts her latex gloves*

sure was!


*passes cigarettes to ladies*

*turns head*

What's up with Germans and latex gloves? Now oven mitts I could understand...

*did I really say that?*

*puff* *cough* *puff*

oh and YAY Cheryl!!

yes. you. did. fivver.

i love st. pauli girl!
wonders if the latex "gloves" she was wearing were the kind normally used by men practicing safe habits. now that would be controversial.

ref the photo update, i guess that blows my theory. those gloves are hot though!

After looking at the photo...again I ask...

What's wrong with latex gloves????

They do go nicely with my boots too.

... um ... yeah, cg ... them gloves are hot ... and they'd make my hands sweaty, too ...

(Heck, she might make my hands sweaty even if she wuzn't wearin' gloves ... merely ... sorta interestin' to consider ...)

Somebody needs to photoshop this picture in with the picture of hot Chloe.

Oh, my...
That's quite the mental image.
I'm going to need the rest of the day off...

Whatever is the opposite of brain bleach, could someone please pass it.

First its the latex gloves, then its the latex leotard and hat, and by the time you've figured out that latex is going out of control you're covered head to toe in it! Save that woman!

Hey, speaking from a man's perspective, all I can say is at least they're not the kind that doctors wear...


bend ovah....


For Chris:

*passes Chris a hankie*

Man, they really should have run a spell check on that photo update page. Not a word makes sense!

DPC - Here. Have a blogojito instead. It'll at least help put you in the mood.

Yumm. Blogojitos and latex. Thanks, DD.

*makes phone call*
"Honey - I'll be home early..."

blogojitos and latex....i think they were playing at this little dive bar in the keys.

Latex gloves = gives a whole new meaning to "oh snap"!

Why is it that no U.S. politicians look like that? Also, there's a fine, highly intellectual movie called Latex. At least that's what I understand.

I just ran the German text through an auto-translator and got the usual gibberish . . . here it is . . .

Of Jens Maier

"May a politician appear in such a way?" The headlines of the boulevard press flog again on the Fuerther Landraetin Gabriele Pauli. Reason: their mode Latex photos for park Avenue. Pauli explained stern.de, why she took the photographs.

Gabriele Pauli, the contentious CSU Landraetin from Fuerth, can not leave it obviously. It seems again to provide in its party for explosive. Stone of the impact this mark: Red peruecke, white Seidenduchesse jacket, black Lacroix trousers and shining Latex gloves.

"A look, that to a Domina reminds."
In this Outfit the 49-Jaehrige dares a trip into the mode world. For the expenditure for April of the magazine "park Avenue" Pauli was set by photographer Jens Boldt in scene: in the Cocktailkleid, in the silk skirt, in the mini dress and with shining Latex gloves and black eye mask. For the "residents of Munich evening paper" "a Look, that to a Domina reminds."

Pauli wants to know of it nothing. "if someone with the gloves thoughts makes itself, then that reflects the own thought pattern and experience worlds", said the Landraetin too stern.de. In their opinion the photographs are artistically fastidious "." Also critic from the CSU is not afraid it: "it will give agreement and also criticism, knows I since longer", said Pauli.

To stand for the mode photographs ready the 49-Jaehrige explained their motives with the fact that she would have enjoyed to experience once a Fotoshooting. "in addition my condition was fulfilled, to give which association ' 1-2-3 ', which uses itself in the district Fuerth for the youth work, a donation." The association received the fee at a value of 1000 euro.

Buh calls from an own party Pauli is located in its party in the criticism, since then it to end of the past yearly the Bavarian Prime Minister and CSU party chief Edmund Stoiber suggested to separate prematurely and free the way for another, recent policy. A follow-up debate lasting for weeks was the result. At political ashtray Wednesday in Passau it was wildly insulted by trailers of the own party for its attitude.*****

I'm sure that helped us all understand things better.

And thank you, PM, for that enlightening message ... it's all much clearer now ...

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