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March 22, 2007



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First? even though I don't know what the heck it is

LOL those are FUNNY!!

omg, hilarious

holy miscommunication batman!

Darn - I can't pull it up.
*goes back to her word puzzle*

Those are pretty wild - it really shows how language changes. I love #3!

Holy har-har, Robin!

#11 got my loudest snork. Then again, I never miss South Park so it's to be expected.

Some folks have even more time to waste online do internet research than I do.

I don't know what that last one is, but something tells me I don't want to find out.

OK, so what was "boner" supposed to mean?!

"Papa spank" and "butt-stroked." Awesome.

might want to stay away from the link in the upper right

Those were great! I had a very good friend named Julius Schwartz who was a senior editor at DC comics and was Superman editor for 25 years. He once said that, given the font they used for lettering (all caps, sans serif) that you had to be careful to avoid unintended offense. No characters named CLINT and no "who're", and no one can "FLICK" anything.

a "boner" was a mis-step, a foolish error. not sure, but i think it may come from "bone-headed manuever" or something. somewhere at home i've got a book of peanuts cartoons and in it charlie brown is accused of "pulling a boner."

According to some of the comments, this was totally taken from a different site and does not acknowledge the same. Seem familiar to Blog readers/writers?

Thanks mud!

I will now use brain bleach to obliterate the thought of Charlie Brown pulling a boner.

I'm sure that link was very nice. The nanny bot at my work thinks (again) that I'm looking at p@rn and won't let me see. (pouts)

it is parn, Hammie ;-P

Nashville had a mayor named Bill Boner, whose gaffes and girlfriends allowed him to claim all meanings of his surname. The local weekly alternative newspaper, The Scene, started an annual Boner Contest in his honor.

uh...excuse me..that 2:33 post is NOT ME!!

Don't tell me what idiot impostor is doing this crap again...

The last one says "what have I done to Robin?"

and where's the damn bot when you need him??? hmm???

I thought that sounded a little too ... vulgar- even for you. Especially since there were no fashion accessories involved.

Or chocolate...

lol, ddd...glad you know me so well!

These are taken from one of the funniest websites around


If done without attribution, this post is not right.
Access it and go to "Seduction of the Innocent" Be prepared to spend time laughing your @ss off.

Hammie, that too. I do have some standards...

I never miss southpark either, Ubetcha...also dont miss family guy...I also watch Adult Swim.....

You gotta figure, what with the tight outfits and all, that pulling a boner for Batman, Robin and the Joker would be pretty embarrassing.

That is better than working ANY day. Thanks Dave!

So if I'm not you, who am I?

someone who can't even spell my name.

I got it this tyme.

I know where I live...

those are great!!! what was that slime coming out of peter's room, anyway???????????????????

Why don't we all be me for a day. You know, like this?

Oooh, sandals...

I guess I should be flattered...


not funny, Chris!!! ;P

All? Only I'm being me. Who are you?

Sandals are great! Where are Sandals?

Sandals are in the Caribbean.

;-P back atcha.

ok...I'm outta here.

guess judi's gonna have to start banning ip addresses...again.

So you're saying we should knock it off?

I'm not sure how Batman or Robin exposing themselves will stop criminals.
Batgirl, on the other hand, would stop 'em dead in their tracks... .

OK, all the Sxiouxieis are getting annoying. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Siouxie - we know when it's you. You're way funnier and cuter than your admirer/wannabe. Especially in your strappy vodka sandals.

and beer goggles

wow, those things even have room for ice cubes.

I meant the shoes, but the goggles so as well, come to think of it...

*reaches up and changes "s" into a "d"*

Do we need to exorcise the false Siouxies with a bell, book, and sandle?

I'm going to post this back in the original thread (if I can find it) but DAVE WAS RIGHT!

Colossal Squid May Be Defrosted in Giant Microwave Oven

Annie, I think I should be wearing those strappy vodka sandals and kick some wannabe @ss.

marfie, this happened months ago and this idiot impostor would take our names and say stupid sh!t. Eventually they either got bored or banned. I'm hoping for either ;-)

In the meantime I'm having some of Meanie's mofeetoes and wear my beer goggles!

Good catch, KCSteve!! did we ever doubt Dave's geniousity?

hmmm...giant microwave oven....crummy Siouxie impostor....hmmmm.

tempting...very tempting, Annie...

or we could welcome him with a party.


*gouges eyes out and fills sockets with bleach*

Clearly, comic book writers are lonely little nerds.

Annie, that hover is very misleading. *joins Siouxie in eye-gouging*

writer132 et al - very sorry - please forgive me.

Ah ah ah...not gonna get me that easily!

Annie - thank god for that second link! I was in agony with the image of "Big Jim" in a banana hammock.

Siouxie, I remember the last round of imposter blogits well. It was quite irritating. The 24 thread got pretty badly hit that time, if I recall.

I met Julius Schwartz several times - the greatest editor of comics from my day (yeah, I'm in the middle row on the geezer bus). I like the one with Lois Lane standing to eat - in the story the robot was spanking her however,IIRC. It must've gotten lessons from Batman.

I thought they were all pretty stupid until the last one.

he-hee - I got writer132 and he doesn't even know it!

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