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March 28, 2007


(Thanks to Eric Hussar and Roy from Massachusetts, or however you spell it)


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dogs will lich anything

They have the same hairdo!

Well, Al, you may be better than porn, but are you better than Toby?

eeeeeewwww...doesn't she know where that tongue has been???


not only is there an international symbol for choking, there's an interspieces symbol for choking


never knew that

Ok, this dog can assess his owners health and perform first aid with his own initiative, coming up with a appropriate actions without ever being taught what to do.

Meanwhile my dog wouldn't come when called unless you held out a piece of bacon and pulled on the leash.

The dog then proceeded to hump her leg, the chair and several other items of furniture.

**snork** Al

You'd know, you animal! ;)

Prairie, I hear ya...my dogs are so stooopid...I'd be better training the couch to save my life.

I'd also be better off.

This dog puts Lassie to shame.

Yeah, my dog would knock me over to get at something I was eating, too.

Big deal - it's a golden retriever - they knock you down and jump on you every dang day.

A labrador retriever would've driven her to the hospital.

A border collie would've filled out her health insurance forms.

More importantly a Saint Bernard would have given her whiskey.

whoa, Deskdiva - I was thinking the same thing.


and as Dave said, 'us, too.'



R.O.Y. You got it right the first time! Good boy!

Humping...heimlich...they're sooo easy to get mixed up when you're a dog.

MY dog can perform the Heineken manouever which, after a long day, is very nearly life-saving. She's still working on taking the bottle cap off without slobbering on it, though.

This could only have happened with a larger breed dog...my pug jumps up and down on my chest all the time, but the impact barely dislodges me from my couch.

Did anyone else see Eddie Izzard talking about Dr. Heimlich developing the "Manouever"? Now, everytime I hear or see the words "Heimlich Manouever" I hear Eddie Izzard saying, "We'll, it's more of a gesture, really."

Belated *snorks* all around!

All in a day's work.

all my dog could do was the hindlick manuever

*Snork* at russellmc!

That's what she gets for wolfing down those apples... Why didn't he just call K9-11... That's no dog that's my husband...I wonder if wolfie ate the masticated apple sauce, that's it he just wanted to eat...An apple a day kepts the vet away... my owner has just went into full cardiac arrest,nurse kitty get the dog paddles...why can't human'shave nine lives!

Gumball to Ward 8, stat!

*SNORK!*@ Russell.

This is off topic, but anybody watching South Park on Comedy Central? The whole episode is a 24 parody. If you want to see it from the beginning, I know Comedy Central is repeating it at midnight, and I think they show it again later this week.

snork?...she don't lii, she don't lii, she don't lii ,candy cane.

Big russell *SNORK*! and a scary *snork* @ pb....

Lol at Annie's 5:47p. Arf!

So South Park did the best parody of 24 ever tonight.

The truth is no one can verify the story. As soon as the apple shot out of her mouth the dog went and ate it off in a corner snarling and snapping at anyone who tried to take it away.

hoozagooboy? zazzagooboy!

didn't know that you spoke 'retriever' mud. an excellent choice for a second or third language.

Addicted, my daughter watched it and told me it was hilarious! I found an article about it and sent it in. I'm sorry I missed it ;-)

We have cats. They'd sit there watching then say, "$hit. Now we'll have to get a new master."

That's what she gets for having a so-called "healthy" snack. You don't need a dog Heimlich when you eat Cheetos®.


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