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March 30, 2007


The Westoe Netty is going on display.

PHOTO UPDATE, thanks to Layzeeboy


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Holy Cr@p!!
I need tickets, NOW!

First to be disappointed that the westoe netty isn't kin to loch ness nessie.

Will it be on display near one of these?


No pictures??

Baron - I hope that thing doesn't bite. Yikes!

Renaissance II. These are heady times.

Nothing says England like a painting of a row of urinals.

if the boy was 'cheeky' was he really 'weeing'?

"Westoe Netty and the Cheeky Boys".. has a ring to it of some kind...

Here's the British Sistine Chapel: http://www.robertolley.co.uk/westoenetty/page2.html

And here's Arequipa's link.

Can I get one that says "Barry '08"?

not funny...just sad

OT, and prolly been linked before, but did NEbuddy notice this item on the Reuters page, somewhere down there?


KEY QUOTE: If found to have breached the terms of her probation, Hilton could be sentenced to up to 90 days in jail ...

one may only hope ...

O', have we turned the corner from urinals to dumpsters?


That would be cruel and unusual punishment for the other skank-crack-ho's in there...they have rights ya know???

Yeah, and some of their "lefts" aren't too bad lookin' either ... merely ... observant ...

She was ticketed for driving without headlights...didn't she just have surgery to correct that?

Does Armani make an day-glo orange community service vest?

The Simple Life: The Prison Years....

Hmmm. I might watch that actually....

Ted has bigger headlights than Paris.

There's a potty going on in the Beamish Museum! BYOT

I'm guessing that most guys seeing that 'display' in the museum will suddenly have the urge to pee. It's Morepee's Law.

Oh, no! I forgot all about the Sistine Chapel.

Photo Update: Why does it say P9 and there's only 7 peeing?

♪ All in all, it's just another prick in the wall. ♫

Geez, meanine - an earwig with just one line!

No fair!

Please remove extraneous "N" from above post.

Boy, am I glad it's Friday.

AWBH, did'n you mean the Pisstine chapel?

GOOD earwig, meanie.... **snork**

I'm not much of an art critic, but it appears that two of the pee-ers are reaching for their neighbor's hoses. I'm pretty sure Michelangelo never thought of Bad Touching™.

Hahahahahaha!! Pisstine......

DPC ... uh=huh ... I'm sure ...

I allus wondered how Chuck Heston prepared for that role ... merely ... um ... observin' ...

Photo Update: Why does it say P9 and there's only 7 peeing?

I think it's because the owner of the website wants to sell prints.

ahhh...that makes sense, Ernie


What are the guys on the right looking at? For that matter, where is that guy's other hand (the one second from the right)??

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