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March 09, 2007


We bet he has a short index finger

(Thanks to estrogen centrale)

¹The biter, not the bitee.


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does he teach nutrition?

probably wanted him to get in front of one of those x-ray thingies, and he was wearin' an extra sock....

and March Madness begins...

They oughta scrutinize THIS guy's browser cache!

definitely not Catholic (no meat on Fridays during Lent).

More shoddy reporting with no photos. I will have to pick up the Slack

caution !!

CJ.... I was scrutinized when I was born... but I'm Methodist.

Gad - hmmmm....wedding ring finger....marriage is tough.

*snork* @ jazzz!
I was born Methodist - my parents were Catholics but used the rhythm Method.

Gadfly ~

AAAGGGHHH!!! That little, "caution!!" was not enough!

For those who have not clicked it yet, read that "caution" as "open this if you have no gag reflex whatsoever".



These airlines have got to start serving more food.

Or if you're Nurse Tammy and have seen this sort of thing on a regular basis in the ER....

Gad tried to give us the finger, but I hovered...Neener!

*snorks @ Jazzz 'n' Meanie!

"Michigan State said Friday it had no comment."


"Michigan State said Friday it had no appetite... after viewing photos of the incident."

Gadfly - ewww...

So, he's an economics professor? Today's lesson:

Airport trash can: $ 35.00
Bail money after arrest: $2,700.00
Being mentioned on the DBBlog: Priceless

sorry all

*gets a grip*

He musta really needed that luggage. It may have contained medication.

Thanks to all for the warning about Gadfly's link!
*resists peeking*
*snork* @ Beppie!

A professor whose temper was sparkin'
Bit a cop on the finger; it’s smartin’
The prof might do some time
But I’m sure he’ll be fine
Cuz his new digs will also be Spartan.

Snork at Ducky! You know, you gotta wonder about people who do things like that. It's like, hmm, what is better, a Spartan jail cell, or, I don't know, losing a piece of luggage?

Beppie, no kidding. Also, wouldn't you hold on to your claim ticket until you actually had your luggage, just in case it got lost?

Well, THAT wasn't very economical...tsk, tsk...

Yay, the bot finally unblocked me!

It did not like my attempted comment on the caveman post, nosireebob.


Welcome back, writer!

For some reason, this post made me think of this song:

If you dumped it, here it is, come and get it; but you better hurry, pick your trash up fast
Bite my digit, that’s a crime; don’t forget it. Now you better worry; I’ll arrest your @ass

Did I hear you say I should give you a pass
Just because you teach classes all about money?

If you dumped it, here it is, come and get it; but you better hurry, pick your trash up fast
You better hurry, pick your trash up fast
You better hurry, pick your trash up fast!

I know I get a bit grumpy and hungry after a long flight.... but I rarely go for 'digit tar tar'.

Punkin: How about 'digit sashimi'?

*waves at Ducky*

Is this what is meant by digitzing? This geezer wants to know.

Welcome home, Mot!

*waves at everybody else*

Hi all, I've just realised that I'm gonna lose an hour of my life tomorrow and I'm never likely to get it back, I gained 9 hours coming here and I'm only going to get 8 back going home.

Mot, my friend felt the same way after watching "Titanic" six times.

*waves at Punkin, writer, CJ & Mot*

Mot, it was worth it, though, right? You were able to greet your gorgeous grandgirl!

This thread confirms that you need to add check-in rage to road and air rage. Man! can I relate to that.


What about Sunday, won't you gain an hour then? or will you lose it? Then next Fall...um...

We need to come up with a new term, similar to "going postal," only for people going berserk in airports. Any ideas, brillian bloglits?

(I'll be back a little later, y'all!)

JD, you have no idea how gorgeous my 2 little gals are.

OK, before I go, I meant brilliant, of course!

Mot, they are stunning--I saw your pics! And I'm sure it'll be hard for you to leave, too. I wish you safe travels and no X-ray vision screening.

I'm really going, now...

mm, that's the whole problem, I lose the hour on Sunday but will not be here when you guys get it back in the fall, so it's gone for ever.

Mot, we'll keep it warm for you until you return again.

BTW, how'd you make out in NYC?

Meanie, NY was great, we ate too much but managed to fit in most of the important sights.

Mot.....Glad you're (not your) good !! I've got an hour from this morning I'll give you, it wasn't worth a sh!t. From 5-6 a.m. Maybe you can do something with it ;-)

Gee thanks Jazzzz. Methinks a discarded Jazzzz hour could be worth a shitload more than a prime hour from most other people.

thanks for the late night *snork* Mot!! Be careful on your (not you're) travels and keep us... uhhhh posted. I'm betting Arkansas isn't on your itinerary, but I'm with you in spirit.

Going berserk in an airport. Hmmm, that sounds like a great idea - go nuts in a building that's full of armed security

I guess this comes a little late because my comment is so far down from where Gadfly posted the link to that nasty finger-injury picture. I just want everybody to know that the guy to whom that finger belongs recovered! Yay!

He also posted a picture of his finger, dressed in stitches, three weeks later. Seeing those kinds of pictures is always shocking. It's nice to know that things got better. I browsed the guy's website, and it looks like he fell while rock-climbing.

NO CAUTION necessary! I mean, in regards to clicking the link I've provided. Exercise plenty of caution while rock-climbing! I'm going to avoid rock-climbing altogether.

"in regards to" = incorrect

"in regard to" = correct

(according to CJR)

A little late getting in on the discussion, I know what this man did is wrong, but. I really used to enjoy flying, but due to the TSA gestapo it has become no fun at all. I can understand that this might have been the last straw for this guy. Some of us do not like to be ordered around in our own country by morons. Just sayin'.

I bit a guys finger once ... and that Dr will never perform that particular exam again!!

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