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March 26, 2007


(Thanks to Bob Gibson correction: Greg)

UPDATE: What the hell is going on with the mice? It's like they're working with the squirrels, or something.

(Thanks to many people, with Mike Pontillo first)


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Squeeek! (First?)

Didn't I send you a similar story last week, Dave? What was it?

Oh yeah: Mouse absconds with Main man's dentures.

Key line: "I said, 'I knew that little stinker stole my teeth' - I just knew it."

Maine man.


I think the lesson is that, if you hang around Tallinn long enough, you have to expect this kind of thing.

if you give a mouse an ATM card...

Someone's gonna get fired....

Wait a minute....he captured the mouse three times and it escaped??? Hasn't he heard of MOUSE TRAPS...they don't escape from those.

"We have never heard of anything even remotely like this happening before"
Well, of course not; no one has invented the remote controlled cash-eating mouse yet! But wouldn't that be great?
You slip your mouse in through the slot (not that mouse & not that slot, you pervs!), then later you retrieve him & glue together all the mouse pellet!
Presto! Instant cash.
Okay, maybe it's only good in theory... .

What's the big deal about a little mouse dropping in?

OK. good one meanie. but, has this man never heard of one surefire mouse dispatcher??? MEEEEOOWWW

Thanks power companies... "yeah the rat-like creature that is dead is responsible and we are completely without fault and the entire school board don't know their mouse-holes from perfectly good chip bags."

...boil them in peroxide. !!!!????

Seems there's a little voice in my head (NO! the other little voice!!) telling me that boiling peroxide's probably not a good thing to do!

Especally considering the teeth are going BACK into the mouth!

He was just trying to make change.

Hey! Gotta wonder ... what's the old man doing with the mouse's dentures anyhow?

I had a mouse steal a snickers bar right off my desk once. While I watched. I hope he choked on a peanut. Stinkin' varmint.

Annie - He was probably looking for a Three Mouseketeers bar.

That's not taunting! The mouse that flipped my glue traps overnight and pushed them to the center of the kitchen floor, that BASTARD was taunting me!!! I'm not ashamed to admit I stood over him when he got stuck and mocked him. (not my proudest moment, but I take my victories where I can)

meanie - I wanted to mertilize him.

How did the mouse get the dentures into his habitat? They had to tear down a wall to get them out. Just wonderin'

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