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March 29, 2007


Soon we will have no rights left.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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This guy need an honorary blog membership.

Oh, and first!

captain jack (or morgan) would not be amused.

Oh, and Yay, Siouxie!

I liked that photo of A man in full pirate regalia, does it come with the hords of tribesmen?

That could be why he was suspended - he over-crowded the classroom.

*wonders when this religious group will be looking for comets*

And the anthem is "On top of spaghetti all covered with chease, I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed"

YAY! me!!

I feel like Claire Martin ;-)

Pastafarian religion??? anyone ever heard of this??

immediate reaction:

"...that is freaking hilarious..."

Why do these so-called educators not read their history?

at least this guy has a great imagination. or he is severly emotionally screwed up, OR he's just another freak.

Meanie, that was before my time at the blog...I just had never heard of it.

wow..so it's true! unfrigginreal!!!

Yes, I've heard of the Pastafarians. Instead of 10 commandments, they have the 8 "I'd really rather you didn'ts"

It's a satirical religion created entirely in response to the proposed teaching of intelligent design.

spagnostic !!!!

Pastafarian? Flying Spaghetti Monster god?

Does that mean every time someone eats a bowl of spaghetti they're, like, eating a god!?

Man, Italians are SO screwed ...

Holy Yikes!
Do NOT click the first link under that story in the More Metro department.

The Private Biting story? That was pretty funny, as I'm a woman of the female persuasion. For guys, I'd imagine, not so much.

Wasn't criticizing you, Sioux (I hadn't even realized you were the poster).

Here ya go Souixie

NB:Freedom + High School = oxymoron

Hahahahahah! Kid's a dweeb; parents are incompetent poops; school is right. I think castration is best to keep this kid out of the gene pool.

Nooooooo Meanie! I didn't think you were!! ;-)

I really had never heard of this. Rastafarian, yes.

Edgar, thanks.

So I'm guessing that "Talk Like A Pirate Day" is a major religious holiday for this kid...

Dr - how did that work for you?

Some people have no respect for pirate couture.

Dear Annie, you sweet heart . . . I will have to ask my daughters.

*snork* @ the Dr!

Annie, I love that picture of your dog!

Thanks, Siouxie. He was not enthusiastic about the pirate garb, but he was tolerant of it, unlike the school system.

Agreed! My daughter goes to an art high school so someone dressed up as a pirate would not even be noticed ...probably even encouraged. They're always dressing up for something.

All of the naysayers will be singing a different tune (probably a pirate shanty) after the Spaghetti Monster comes down from the heavens to reclaim his devoted followers, leaving the rest of us drowning in sauce....

All I'm saying....

*puts on foil hat & waits in the corner*

Now I see why they said it was distracting.

HEY!! she's stole my kick@ass boots!!!

*drools over hot wench*

All Hail the Flying speghtti spaghetti spegehitti noodle monster. Please pass the grog!

Are those your work boots, Siouxie?

Anyway, How does this kid feel about other pastas? Angel Hair? Lasagna? Ravioli? Are these part of his religion, too?

How are you gonna kick her @ss without your kick@ss boots?

I'm a pastafarian. Have been for years.

I have a statue of St. Vermicelli on my desk.

You go back to the Old Pastament, don't you Lab?

As others have said, it's a satirical response to creationist idiots. May you be touched by his noodly appendage.

Annie, can I borrow yours?? Besides, Chris has gotten drool all over 'em now...

WeatherB - just boots for when I need to discipline make a point. ;-)

Um...Pass the holy parmesian cheese?

I got your noodly appendage Neil

Some noodly appendages are better than others.

oh, yeah, um...warning on that last link. :)

Tut, tut, AWbh. Do you need to go back into linkhab?

Of course y'all realize that the Pastafarians are divided into two main groups, not to mention several splinter or spin-off sects ...

The main divergence in their religion was brought about by the controversy over mushrooms in the sauce ...

Therefore, the two separated gatherings are commonly referred to as After Mushrooms (A.M.) and Before Mushrooms (B.M.) ...

This has been your friendly religious-weirdness update.

hmmm, sounds like a bunch of bolognese to me

I suppose the school will have problems with him taking his garlic toast communion wafer, and washing it down with a little cheap Chianti at noontime Pasta study in the main quad.

Some people believe in the Bible and sport the little "Jesus Fish" on the backs of their cars. Some people are pro-evolution and sport the "Darwin Fish" on their cars. There are also Pastafarians that sport the FSM on their pirate ships cars.

I am, however, ProCreation

...hail marinara, full of taste...

Baron, I have to say that after I got over being horrified by that last link, I laughed long and loud. We sport a gefilte fish ourselves...

Praise the Lord and pasta ammunition.

Annie, did I not ask nicely yesterday to refrain from posting Dave's underwear ads?

Gefilte's a sport fish? Who knew?

Before we can accept the FSM, we must first cleanse ourselves of Oregano Sin!

*SNORK* @ Baron & OtheU!!

Annie, no warning needed ;-)

Sorry, Layzee -the world needs someone who knows how to lift and separate.

Snork @ Oregano Sin! and a Bunch Of Bolognese!

I always thought pastafarians were similar to buddhists. Now there's proof.

Presumably "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" is a important text?

Or perhaps it's apocryphal?

If you were in the wrong neighborhood, you could've passed a Farian loitering in a doorway.

Ramen, my Brothers and Sisters. Ramen.

OK this is kinda interesting.

and *snork* @ Lou!

On top of St. Betty,
All covered with cheese,
My pirate religion,
Went weak in the knees.

Flying Spaghetti Monster WBAGN.. etc ect

FSM needs to get on the wheel.

Annie WBH: You just cost me $7.50. Have to get one of those wheels. BTW, I have a cousin who lives on a street called Some Other Place. True. How confusing would that be.

For all the religion fans out there (and I guess that has to include Cross Girl), a question: -- In Matthew Chapter 21 it says that prior to His triumphant entry on Palm Sunday, the Lord was at Bethpage on the Mount of Olives. So why don't they call it Palmolive Sunday?


*snorks* @ PM and hands him/her a handbasket ;-)

What is snork?

le snork!

The FSM church was at its height during the Holy Romano Empire.

Since the link to venganza.org keeps having server problems for me, and I thus don't know what information is there, I'll add a link to Wikipedia. ^_^

*snork* @ PM for Romano. And to answer your question, to name it "PalmOlive Sunday" would infer corporate sponsorship. Like Petco Park, or Cellular Field. Guess the marketing deal fell through.

That was a final Jeopardy! question once: What dishwashing detergent is named for two plants? PALMOLIVE. None of the contestants got it. They must use Dawn.

Parme-san, I chianti understand some of this conversation ... mebbe if I parsley the sentences, I'll make al dente in my confusion ...

You all missed the headline below the main story:

Man in unfortunate saw-mill penis incident


A man has been taken to hospital in Australia after his penis and groin got caught in the machinery at a saw mill.

The Adelaide Advertiser reports that the accident is not thought to have had life-threatening consequences, but that there was a degree of uncontrollable bleeding involved.

The thirty-year-old man was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

A spokesman for Parafield Gardens Saw Mill said: 'He got caught in the log moving mechanism on one of the saws.'

The spokesman maintained that the man's injuries were not serious. Which is easy for him to say.


Oops - didn't see the linked story further down...

Interesting that we must protect the rights of children to mock Christianity in public schools, but God forbid one of them should wear a crucifix or (gasp!) pray to God.

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