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March 29, 2007


The Licking County Goat Queen Contest

Key Quote: She also should be willing to spend time at the Hartford Fair during fair week in the goat barn.


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Dave: The post so nice, you posted twice?

Hey, he said "licking"...

Damn, now my comment makes no sense.

Oh...wait...that's on par.

Editor: "For the last time: It is Licking County Goat Queen Contest, not County Goat Licking Contest Queen!"
Writer: "Awww..."

This contest makes perfect sense to me.

"Deb Delong and the Licking County Goat Queens" wbagnf something.

Hammond, are you sure it's not County Goat Queen Licking Contest?

Boys in the 4-H with a "Goat Project" aren't eligible?
Maybe they're having their own secret private party ceremony later.

Does the goat queen have to have a spray-painted butt?

Why do I have an entirely different diffinition of 'queen' running through my head now?

have general knowledge of goats

Geez, even if I did, I certainly wouldn't admit it!

"Licking County Goat Queen" WNBAGNFARB or country band either)

Is that "knowledge of goats" in a biblical sense? That could be very interesting. Also how did Licking County get its name?

I'm licking a goat
With the reigning queen
To stop its hind from wandering
Where it will go, oh......

OT. It's currently snowing outside, on the day I leave for home. The weather has been so crazy here in Denver that today will be the first time I'll be wearing the warm clothes I lugged all the way from SA. OT

"...at 7 p.m. May 10 at the Licking County Extension Office.The contest is sponsored by the Lori Lee and Deb DeLong."

Hello, this is the Lori at the office reminding you of your appointment at 7 p.m. on May 10 to have your delong extension licked.

I feel bad for the poor girls who won't be crowned queen. Nobody wants to go to prom with a Licking Goat Contest loser ...

Mot, have a safe trip back!

Good morning!

Ok...so there's actually no licking involved in this contest, right??

Have a safe trip, Mot!!!

LOL Stevie...nice one.

Thanks Sooz 'n Hammie. Sooz, you sound dissapointed re the licking.

So... if I have this straight, per Steve W's comment, Lori Lee is Licking Deb DeLong's Extension in the county office for a Goat Queen Contest...?

Well, Mot...

I mean...what's in it for her? ya know?

Or is that really Lori Lee Licking DeLong Goat Extension of Deb in the county office as a Contest Queen?

Mot, safe travel home. If you're changing planes in Atlanta, the pollen count is 5900 here today. Second highest ever recorded. My red truck is now yellow.

Baron, I think I rented that movie once...

And the winning goat gets to eat all the p0rn mags it can. BTW, did you know that sheep licking is a national sport in Australia?

I knew I had seen that movie before, Hammie. This article must have triggered some sort of innate psycho-sexual text rearranger déjà vu.

I actually lived in Newark, Ohio. Ohio was one of those states that liked to put county names on vehicle license plates. I had "Licking" on the front and back of my car for 18 - 24 months (I left Newark after 18 months, but didn't bother to register my vehicle in Los Angeles, California for several monthe after I moved).

Yup Fivver, I fly Denver - NY on a red-eye tonight, then on to Atlanta tomorrow. Do you think I need to enlist the help of Antonio Banderras in his bee incarnation to handle the hay fever?

Boo: Isn't it true that the natives actually pronounce it "Nerk" rather than "Newark?"

Mot - if it's not too late to catch you, have a safe, uninteresting trip home.

Mot, NOAA and the Weather Channel is showing mostly fair weather for your trip, with some rain around the Southeast and a 10% chance of space debris.

Thanks mm. I'm not looking forward to hours and hours cooped up inside a metal cylinder, but I am looking forward to being home again. The wife is staying in Denver for another month so I'll be enjoying a bachelor existance for a while.

Mot -- Bon voyage and get home safely. ;-)

And the blog girls rejoice, Mot...

Think of all the marriage proposals you can squeeze in that month - guilt free!!!

The queens will promote goats

Do they promote the goats for their licking skills? What grade do they get promoted to? So many unanswered questions.

Thanks JerseyGirl. Sooz, after seeing the pics from WriterDude's crapcam, I'm sure the blog girls who haven't been proposed to yet are breathing a sigh of relief.

Nope, Mot! I'm still waiting for mine. That was a great picture, btw....very distinguished looking indeed.

Thanks Sooz, the check's in the mail.

Happy trails, Mot

Safe home, Mot. Hope you enjoyed it here, and good luck with the immigration process.

Thanks Layzeeboy. I'm gonna have to set up a new broadband connection from casa Hoople when I get back, so it may take few days before I'll be able to post from home.

I, for one, would prefer to take the Goat Licking loser to the prom.

WooHoo, Mot finally gets to polish off the MGDs in the patio fridge! Although, having to change planes in Atlanta just cracks me up... NNOOooo! Folks, just stop encouraging those people in Atlanta by booking through there, or the Miami construction zone. Let me guess, Mot, Denver to JFK to Atlanta? 3 out of the 4 worst airports in the country! Oh well, keep your patience in a clear, 1-quart, Zip-Loc bag....

CJ, DIA ain't so bad, I agree about JFK, haven't seen Atlanta yet. LAX get's my vote as the worst airport I've ever had to use.

Mot, Atlanta's WAY worse than LAX. Busiest airport in the country, and changing planes invariably entails changing BUILDINGS. No fun at all.

Good luck!!

I have to admit, I'm from Licking County. It's a great pick up line at my favorite bar, which is called Dick's. You can imagine. Licking Co. got its name because it had salt licks that deer were attracted to.

Putting the words "Licking County" in front of any other words (i.e. "Licking County Goat Queen," "Licking County Extension Office," and "Licking County 4-H club) just makes everything funny!

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