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March 30, 2007


(Thanks to ShyJan)


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I will NOT be shaking hands with anyone wearing one, even if I'm wearing big, long, black latex gloves.

"While they last!" And they're going to be in stock for quite some time.

"Nice run...Give me five..>splat<.."

Stocking stuffers, anyone?


that. is. all.

oh and ...eww

What's green, slippery, ice skates, and wears these gloves?

I buy them for all my huntin' and shootin' pals!!

Slicker'n snot on an ice rink, there, Peg!

I love the crackle of frozen snot in the wintertime. We used to put our mittens on the radiator to dry them off. Not anymore.

If the right hand is for your nose, the left hand is....

Why would dog walkers need one of these when they have a dog?

Oh, Annie - exactly. That's the next glove they'll come out with.

What ever happened to wiping snot on the sleeve of your shirt?
Do we really need this???

oh and YAY ShyJan!!

That's not new. Both the US and Canadian Armies have had mittens with fleece on the back of the hand for wiping your nose for years, probably going back to WW II. When you're in the Arctic, your nose is always running and you can get icicles and frost bite if you don't wipe it off.

i prefer to launch snot rockets...why wipe your nose when you can shoot it at your adversary?

AA - I've rubbed my nose after the little icicles formed on my nosehair- OW! The good thing is, you don't bleed too badly until you start to defrost.

Yeah, YAY JAN!!! WTG!!!

*is shocked that Annie w-b-h has nosehair*

*Does the I Got Posted happy dance*

I was looking for something else, obviously, when I ran across these. Ew.

... uh-huh ... suuuuuuuuuuuuuuurree you were ...

That's a great story, Jan ... stick to it ...

No, really I was! Aw, heck, no one will believe me anyway.
I can hardly wait to tell Mom the good news. And the subject!

*Mom's end of the phone conversation ...*

Oh, you got ... posted? On the ... what?

Oh ... oh, that's nice, dear ... what was it about?


*dances with ShyJan*

Yay!!! Have a celebration gumball!

hiking the tundra
wipe snot on fuzzy glove, ew
making snot-cycles

Yay, PKK!!! Glad to see you over here. :)

*Bows before royalty. Offers gloved hand in welcome*

LTTG, but YAY ShyJan! *^5's with gloved hand*

The very fact that this even exists makes me want to...oh, look! Something shiny!

*is shocked that Annie w-b-h has nosehair*

Posted by: Gadfly | 06:19 PM on March 30, 2007

I don't have anymore. Frostbite.

I'm so glad this is made in the USA.

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