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March 29, 2007


Don't bother clicking this link.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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WooHOOOOOOO!! Men in kilts!!

thanks, judi (and DavCat!)

FIRST to say...We Will We Will Pipe You...

Hat trick?

That was actually very good piping.

That was piping hot!


Has anyone else noticed that of the 75 items posted under "WARNING: DO NOT OPEN AT WORK OR IYDWYMTTYG" 74 have been posted by Judi. What's the significance, I have no idea.

Sigh, we used to see ramparts, but now all there is is men's buttresses.

freddie mercury would have approved!

prairie dog, what's the problem? ;)

*stands next to sgirl*

yeah?? and yer point is???

It's not the music blog gals, it's the tilt in the kilt? Or am i wrong?

You are corrrrrrrrrect, Mot!

Just waxing nostalgic I guess.

Ted HaveTaGrabHer latest posts don't even involve nudity anymore. What are we coming to?

*doesn't even go there*

I don't get it. Why the warning? That was quite possibly the coolest bagpiping I have ever seen (or heard). I'm pretty secure in my guyness that I could feel comfortable viewing that in front of my mom (or other guys).

some are not as secure, schadeboy :) we do not question it, we just put up the d#mn warning.

Judi - Can we blame global warming for that insecurity?

I like that I have a new scapegoat to blame things on. My Parents like it, too, as I used to blame everything on them.

Yeah, my bad, I actually heeded the warning and didn't look until now. I was expecting ... well underwear models or kilted Scotsmen on a windy day or something. So you can accuse me of whatever you have on hand.

Oooh ooh, can I be accused of regicide? It sounds neat.

Did you guys notice the comments below? There was a smack-down shaping up over who is the best piper...

schadeboy - the warning was for the sound of bagpipes. Some people are allergic. judi has more 'warnings' because dave usually forgets to warn us.

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