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March 29, 2007


Do NOT click here.


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This wouldn't have happened if he'd just had that circumcision ...

I'll bet that company spokesperson is of the female persuasion.

Not that, the OTHER wood!!!



uncontrollable bleeding AND embarrassment all rolled into one

Hey guys, dare me to....

You warned me not to click, but did I listen?

Of course not.

And Dave, please don't post any more articles than mention "penis" and "uncontrollable bleeding" (WBAGNFARB?) in the same paragraph.

An image no guy needs imprinted on his brain:

"He got caught in the log moving mechanism on one of the saws,"

Mommy, help me.

"A company spokesman said the man's injuries were not serious."

Tell HIM that!

Bet he doesn't have the b@lls to do that again.

Pants guys. All you've gotta do is wear pants.

Log moving equipment? Who was this guy? Tommy Lee?

I TRIED just hovering over the link, but it didn't work.


I TRIED just hovering over the link, but it didn't work.



*I just invented this - it's "Didn't Need To See That"

Damn knot-hole lookwd big enough...

Do not read this comment.

Shouldn't have been doin' the bump n grind on the log moving mechanism

Insert we, remove w.

Insert e, remove w.

just a little off the top please.

Why was his penis out to begin with huh?? Safety first guys!!

And don't forget to tip your operator.

CG - writer PJ O'Rourke has come up with the Law of Economic Circumcision, 10% can be taken off the top of ANYTHING.

Penises or Peni or Pene...must be in the news. I read a story last night about this Chinese woman that cut off her cheating husband's penis and threw it out the window. They couldn't re-attach since the dog ate it.

Not very original, IMO.

Do not click this link? Of course we'll click it. That's just... just dayum!

[reconsiders shaving]

"I got fired for sticking my d!ck in the wood cutter."

"What happened to the wood cutter?"

"She got fired too."

Hey CJ???

I've been meaning to tell ya - I finished reading "Tourist Season" and loved it!! thanks!!

I am now halfway through "Nature Girl" - great book too!

I listened to Dave. What's the article about? Why all the panic?


Back to penis wood carving...or carving penis wood.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips.

not serious??????

LOL Meanie!

A chip off the old cock block.

There was probably some kind of guy dare involved...ie "Ian, I'll bet I can put my willy closer to the saw teeth than you can..."

and perhaps some alcohol was involved too?

I, not being a guy of the male gender, do not even have the part in question and I'm cringing.


This is why nude sawmill work will never be popular. I almost said "never catch on."

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