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March 29, 2007


Do not open the glove compartment.


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They don't have a perky news team? I'm suspicious of any "news" that doesn't come from a perky news team.

Whatcha expect from Budget™?

*makes mental note to thoroughly check rental car over before leving lot in May*

The renter must have not checked off and initialed the hidden reptile waiver box on the 713-page rental agreement form.

If that is what they found in the glove compartment, they better be extra careful when they open the trunk!

Sir I need to see your license and registration.

Sure thing, this is a rental. Grandma, can you check the glove box?

Poor Grandma. I hope there's an AED in the trunk.

7 comments and no obligatory "Snakes in a Glovebox" remark?

Wish I'd had one in my glovebox night before last. A posionous one. That would have fixed the thief.

yikes, fivver...did you get your car back??

But this is much better news than "Rental Car Discovered Inside Snake"

*adjusts NT's comments to fit my situation*
"*makes mental note to (have my husband, who doesn't hate snakes anything like I do and also has very quick reflexes) thoroughly check rental car over before leaving lot in May renting a car, ever*"

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