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March 05, 2007


On a fine sunny day in Washington, D.C. -- a city that loved him -- Art Buchwald was memorialized today. Fittingly, the biggest laughs were in response to Art's lines, delivered either by Art himself on video, or by his friends, including Tom Brokaw, Ethel Kennedy, Ben Bradlee and others. The AP story is here. It was a really fine event. He would have loved it.

I made it home, but I have to be the Responsible Parent tonight, as Mrs. Blog's out being a sportswriter. Also I'm feeling a tad sentimental, so I may join you all late, and passively, for 24. But you guys have fun, OK? Or I will shoot you in the thigh.

UPDATE: Here's the Washington Post story.


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Dave, I'm so glad you were able to go, and happy you are back safely. Art was the best!

You mean poor Buchwald was rotting for two whole months before you decided to bury him. THAT"S HORRIBLE. What kind of friend are you?

Glad you were able to attend, Dave. Sounds like a wonderful, life-affirming event. Art was funny to the very end.

If there is a Heaven, then you can bet that Art is there making the angels laugh.

I hope they gave him a 21-ostrich salute. And I bet he wears pink better than Anna Nichole any day.

God is snorking, snorking, snorking...

He spoke at our commencement, and while I don't remember what he said, or much about college at all, really, I do recall thinking he was about the coolest grown-up I'd ever heard. Dave, I'm sure the group will keep every morsel of thigh-shooting, intravenous torture, electrocution, and bone-breakage oven-fresh for you.

oops, forgot to change my name....sorry, Art.

Glad you got to share your remembrances with everyone, Dave. You deserve a mellow night.

Have joy, Art.

*wonders if the cumbersome dialogue generator of '24' is any better in heaven*

We understand your feelings Dave. Art was a special person and all of us who knew him only through his writing will miss him. We can only imagine what kind of a friend he was in person and are jealous of your knowledge of him.

God bless and safe journey Art.

Glad you made it home, even with MIAPCZ in between D.C. and home.

Don't worry about 24 tonight. We'll hold down the fort.

If the spambot will let us.

I'm sure Art was happy to look down and see all of you there. :)

I have a friend like Art. She tells the best jokes, has a wry and twisted take on the doings in Washington, and even though I don't see her very often, when we do get together all we do is laugh. I consider myself so lucky to be her friend.

I have a feeling that your friendship with Art was similar, Dave. Lucky you!

Completely understandable if you are feeling sentimental. That's schweet! Even with the whole shooting us in the thigh stuff. Awe!

I'm sure today was a bittersweet one for you, Dave, so it's good to take a night off. And enjoy the fact that in the "Story Highlights" you got billing above Nancy Pelosi, a good omen for your '08 campaign!

Glad you made it home safely, Dave. I'm sure today provided a roller coaster of emotions for you. Your quote in ths AP story was, by the way, very Buchwald-esque. I'll bet he's proud of you.

And give Sophie a big piece of chocolate cake before you tuck her in tonight. Moms love when we dads do stuff like that.

You know you won't miss anything from 24 because we get a much better episode of 24 from the amazing Steve's summary. Joining the other crazies now. I, too, was the responsible parent tonight - 4-H meeting and library run.

Call Gene. Have a beer. Call Gene back. Repeat.

We love you.

We miss you, Art.
"And give Sophie a big piece of chocolate cake before you tuck her in tonight. Moms love when we dads do stuff like that."

Posted by: Layzeeboy | 08:47 PM on March 5, 2007

Layzeeboy, your post reminds me of the Bill Cosby classic, "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast". "Dad is great! We want the chocolate cake!"

Great update article, Dave. Thank you for posting that.

art was a fine teacher for you dave..

Great articles...moving. Thanks for updating, Dave.

Art Buchwald was the featured speaker for a 4th of July Festival in Aalborg Denmark in 1980. In the navy at the time, I was the only enlisted man who knew who he was and was honored to give him a tour of the ship. He was jovial and friendly and seemingly interested in touring the ship. It was a great thrill to meet him. His columns were a delight. He could skewer Washington so humorously.

Later while giving his speech the back of my head was prominently featured on "60 Minutes" who was taping a story about him for about 4/100's of a second. I still have fourteen minutes, fifty nine and 96/100s seconds to go before my fame is used up. Slightly more than Britney and Anna. And that wack job astronaut.

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