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March 30, 2007


(Also thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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and noun

Oregon's official state verb shall be "fart." I have now so decreed, saving the Legislature the trouble of passing any silly act to recognize it.

I'll take the savings in small bills, thank you very much.

First to ask HUH?

"Officer Wilson, I think we have a problem in that vehicle."

"Why's that?"

"I just took my drug dog over by that RV. He took one sniff and his head exploded."

Damn, Third to ask HUH?

Ok, that would make a helluva lot more sense in the previous thread. Time to go home.

Oh, CH - you're so roMANtic.

CH - I had a couple of friends who worked for the government and their standing joke was that anything could just be "deemed" to be so. Need a state verb, just "deem it through."

If that's the case, I now deem that the state verb of Missouri is *ahem* "shart." So be it.

I deem the official state amusement ride of California to be Paris Hilton

**snork** @ fivver.

I think she's it's been done....

As a resident of the fine state of Minnesota, I would like to say that I sure am glad to see my hard earned tax dollars at work in such great fashion. What a friggin' joke.

The one thing I have to say that I like is that she indicated that she works for the children, too. I think that's pretty impressive.

Lardog88: you should be proud. Obviously your legislators have solved all the "real" problems, right?

i always thought the name shoulda been 'tilt-a-hurl'



In Illinois, when they want to designate the official state Mammal or Lizard or whatever, they don't ask the legislature.

They ask the schoolchildren.

I voted for the White-Tailed Deer.

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