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February 19, 2007


(Thanks to Valerie)


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Yes, and someone driving at top speed and getting a lapful of ice is in no way as dangerous as them cutting you off. Fast food rage.

First to say "And a shake."

And it so juvenile to say, and that is why I'll say it, "Oh and FIRST!!"

*throws a cup full of ice into the bot's lap*

*hopes it shorts out*

What about Miami other stretches of I-95, where actual missiles are sometimes used? Do they get as long as two years?

Dang you, Beppie! I throw a cup of ice at you!

Talk about drive-thrus....

You throw da ice, you pays da price...

Sorry, this one isn't funny. What's the difference between a cup of ice and a rock, when both are coming at you at/above 55 mph?

judi/Dave, the motorist link is not working.

I do not think that this is too high a sentence, anyway. If the ice had landed in the driver's lap, the likely resulting accident could have led to fatalities.

Rude driving is not a capital offense (though if it were, we'd have a much politer society in short order...)

This is nearly impossible to do successfully in a moving vehicle. The woman should be offered a spring tryout with the Red Sox

PB - ice and victime are both traveling forward 55MPH. No velocity differential in that direction. It's all relative.


not sneaky enough:

Like the time I flipped a chocolate ice cream cone into the back seat of a white interiored Seville one day. He never saw it, til much later, I hope.

55MPS??? Are you kidding...I used to live in Stafford...the average speed on 95 up there is around 80...or as the saying goes "doing 95 on 95"

NoVa traffic is insane, and I've wanted to retaliate several times, but sheesh...that could have killed someone--and not just the driver or his girlfriend...chick needs to take a chillpill.

Wait! I remember this from the SATs.

If an angry driver is speeding west in a red pickup on an interstate at 72mph and throws her ice on another driver also heading west but in a green vega on the same interstate at 68mph, how would the velocity differential affect the seductive potential of an Elvis impersonator's lap dance in a winebago heading east on farm road 6?

errr...that should be 55MPH...though I swear I've seen people driving 55 miles per second...

That would be

D. All of the above, C-bol.

55MPS is very, very fast; faster even than hunger following upon Chinese food. I once had an apple wake me from a nap at a speed that was considerably below that. The gravity of that situation cannot be emphasized adequately.


Throwing an ice cube...

Assault with a deadly weapon?

No, assault with a dribbly wet one.

Good heavens. Some people think everything just revolves around them.

*s* @ MtB!

Someone mention ME????

When twice the cold one's vessel is foiled
And the foiled one's aim is true
A hail of ice shall thence embroil
Twelve peers give the term of two

I'm guessin' her main problem wuz the fact that the ice wuz from Mickey D's ... if she'd've been @ Burger Doodle or Wanda's ... she could've had it her way ... or whichever place ... Dang! That's Mickey D's ... um ... nevermind ...

(Can't even remember commercials NEmore ... time to call the guys from the Senior Moment Management Center ... merely sayin' ...)

The McJudge instructed the McJury that any physical object can be a McMissile and be propelled by any McForce, including McThrowing.

The McJury convicted Hall and recommended the minimum of two years in McPrison.

Nice one, Nosty!

The complainer, er, plaintiff should just be glad the driver wasn't a monkey. It wouldn't have been ice she'd a-been a-flingin', ya know what I mean?

One more reason to keep your temper in the road. Where I live, I've been told that giving people the finger is a really bad idea. Sometimes people who get the finger will follow you home.

Can you imagine a naive finger-giver. "This large red-faced shouting motorist followed me home and is trying to give me a crowbar. Can I keep him?"

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