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February 19, 2007


(Thanks to JerseyGirl)


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First to say BLECH!!!

Guess it wasn't a Lucky Supper for Mr. Naylor...

ooooo how escary...will he be charged with attempted nailing using a deadly hammer.

He ran faster than a scalded Yob!

Guldern ASBO!!!

*wonders if he has room in his cold, dead fingers for both DB4P slogan posts AND mushy peas*

*decides to risk it*

Peas be with you.

Wait a minute... he got canned?

Lucky it wasn't nine days old.

How old is this story? How can the guy already have been sentenced to 3 years? In Miami this would happen around the time of the next millenium.

"our peas used to be 'salted and buttery' ; now they're used for 'assault and battery'!"

Mother to baby: "Think of all the scalded would-be burglars who would just LOVE to have these ..."
baby bites bowl off of spoon

If he had to wait in line for medical treatment, would he be minding his peas in queues?

Things did not bode well for Naylor when he went before the Justice of the Peas.

Naylor, of Monks Lane, Breightmet, Bolton, was sentenced to three years in jail after he pleaded guilty to assault with intent to commit robbery.

...where he'll just be the new peas of @ss...

peas de resistance, shellann

Do you suppose he asked them to peas and desist?

This reminds me a of hymn that we used to sing when I was in choir at St. John's: *Let there be peas on Earth*

This reminds me a of hymn that we used to sing when I was in choir at St. John's: *Let there be peas on Earth*

Okay, too many good puns here. *Snorks* be upon the lot of ye!

Oh wow, a double flashback...

No Peas, No Justice!

"The couple, who do not wish to be named, were serving two regular customers at the shop in New Lane, Breightmet..."
Makes me feel a bit peckish...

"We got a couple of 'eaters' here!!!

Stop. It. Right. Now.

That is all.

Now there is a crime fighting duo.

At least he wasn't arrested for disturbing the peas.

lol insom and shellann!!

You have the right to remain soylent.

Everything you say canned and whirled be used against you in a court of law.


Snorks to the punsters, one and all...

And YAY for old people kicking A$$!

Did they use a pea shooter?

No but Pea-Diddy's working on a song about it.

Oh for peas sake! Cut it out!


ya'll are making me pea in ma pants!

Last night I fed peas whirled to my girl
My bowl is mushy, it ain't dry, girl
Come on (come on)
Come on (come on)
Come on (come on)
Come on (come on)
Peas, peas, me, whoa yeah
While I douse you...

LOL good one,Stevie!

Earwig Alert Let It Be by the band Paul McCartney had before Wings

When I find myself in trouble blogging, mother Judi speaks to me,
Confusing words of wisdom, take a pea.
I'm devoid of humor, but she is laughing right in front of me,
Snorking words of wisdom, take a pea.

Take a pea, take a pea, take a pea, take a pea.
Snorking words of wisdom, take a pea.

And when the broken Typepad bots all rise up and do scoff at me,
Tech support will be an answer, take a pea.

For though I am not funny, there is still a chance that I will be,
Mentioned in Dave's column. Take a pea.

Take a pea, take a pea, oh take one or two or three, Snorking rules to live by, take a pea.

And when my thoughts grow cloudy, there is still a pain that frightens on me,
Tomcredo in my nightmares, take a pea.

I wake up to the sound of bloggers, mother Judi snorks at me,
Confusing words of wisdom, take a pea.

Take a pea, take a pea, oh take one or two or three.
Dave could write a new book, but he wouldn't mention me....

Now I know what killed me. Lyrics like that.

PB, thanks for the earwig!!

It's a good one though ;-)

Sounds like "visuallize Whirled Peas".

Peas to fight crime!

Sounds like a better use for mushy peas than eating them!

Cute, pea-b!

Did you hear about the woman who throws hot water and pees peas on intruders?

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