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February 26, 2007


Reason Number 3.

(Thanks to Rob White)


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Finally, something practical

I want one. Now.

ehh...I prefer bottled beer. This would be good for sodas.

That machine and an open window could make putting the cat out for the night much more entertaining.

Robert Adler would be proud.

I would think that a pneumatic tube system (the Monster House crew installed one in someone's house) would cause less explosive openings after delivery.

"Honey, while you're up could you get me a....WHAAAP!"

LOL Layzee! there ya go...on second thought I\'d like one of those too.

SNORKORAMA TO Hammond!!!! :)

Now that the beer problem is solved, how about a bot that will catapult the dog poo in my back yard over the fence?

I think it would be an even exchange for the beer cans the neighbors buddies heave over during their back yard bbqs.


I think that is a fair exchange. I would, however, do it after dark.

"honey, i rearranged all the furniture in the living room ...including that disgusting old couch."

"not my Ground Zero couch!"

"yeah, that couch looks like it was barfed up by a Chernobyl victim...anyway there was a lovely glass-topped coffee table on sale, so i bought it!"

"well, the guys are coming over to watch basketball, we'll see how they like it."

"need anything?"

"we've got enough beer, but judging from the position of that table, bandages and tourniquets..."

With technology like that, there is hope for the world.

*finds something else to add to his trunk*

This would be GREAT for tailgate parties!

And imagine how it could be used to make tailgaters back-off!

"Officer! This lady tossed a beer at me!"

"Yea, right!"

"No! Really! From her trunk!"

"Now why would she do that?"

"I was tailgating?"

".... yea ... "

YAY!! I must convert my mini fridge on the back porch!!

Isn't getting beer one of the reasons we keep women around?

How about we just agree, you get us our beer, and in exchange, we'll stay out of the kitchen while you're cooking?

matt. no. but i'll share my beer if you do the cooking.

I want one too. But Judy...
This is the third reason to like guys? Only three reasons? Sorry, I want a recount.

Thats do-able. I am a pretty fair cook, even was trained by a traditional Japanese chef for a while. I try to keep that a secret though. Once people find out, it becomes expected. I firmly believe in lowered expectations.

Does it only work with lite beer? How about a heavy, dark stout?

Until it has multiple beer targeting or Multiple Independently Targeted Re-Entry Vehicle (MIRV) capabilities, it is less than optimal!

ohhh dear ex-Matt...surely you josh.

I agree....I can't think of the first 2 reasons...

- this needs to be combined with the 'clap on, clap off' light sensor.

Change that Y in Judy to an I. Sorry, I was talking to my Tech support guru and her name is spelled with a Y

Annie, we did that with the Orgasmatron (registered thingie) long time ago. Check with Leetie!

Siouxie, you wound me. I worked primarily at the sushi bar, but I spent enough time in the kitchen to be dangerous.

I like to cook with wine and/or bourbon.

One for me, one for the dinner.
One for me, one for the dinner.
One for me, one for the dinner.

Ex-Matt, I was referring to your very sexist comment..which I am so very sure you don\'t agree with, right??

*glaring & taking off boot*


I believe you on the cooking. Really!

exmatt, can you juggle knives? if you can juggle knives i'll serve you beer AND do the cooking.

The sexist comments keep with my theories on lowered expectations. Its like golf.

I'm a lousy golfer, and I always have a good time. I'm used to hitting the ball into the woods, so it doesn't bother me. When I go home, all I remember is the one drive I blasted into the middle of the fairway. (Lack of memory could be the beer too, but who knows?)

On the other hand, my friends who play better go home thinking about the one shot all day that they'd need scuba gear to recover, and despite the fact they beat the living daylights out of me, I'm the happier golfer.

The way it applies is, if I act sexist, all it takes is a well timed foray into behaving to to make someone happy. If behaving is expected, I have to up my performance somehow to accomplish the same objective.

This theory holds for all sorts of activities.

I dont juggle knives, no. I worked for a very traditional chef, not hibachi. I can try, but if you aren't a medical professional, dinner may overcook when I'm at the ER.

My aunt also used to be food and beverage manager at a couple of high end ski resorts in California and Utah, and I've stolen a few of her recipes.

But shhhh, don't tell anyone.

Hmmm...I see...lower expectations. That\'s why I tell everyone I can\'t cook.

Wow, from that angle you can barely see the can-shaped dent in his forehead! It would be great for playing "fetch" with my dog.

darn, matt. no beer for you. we can exchange recipes though.

I thought there was no number 3

As a UNC fan I feel compelled to point out that the dude has a Duke shirt on.

I am not sure if this is good or bad.

Wait...isn't Brewski a linebacker for New England?

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