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February 28, 2007


(Thanks to Drew Harchick)

(Hnmmm.... where have we seen that costume before?)


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Today's theme is monkeys, I think.

That suit really says "Commander-In-Chief", Dave.

Goes to prove: One shouldn't be handing out power tools to animals!

Knowing MY luck they would have used real bullets!

hey, hey we're the monkees. DON'T SHOOT!!!

Shooter: Ut OH!
Supervisor: What do you mean "Ut Oh"?
Shooter: Check my case, is there a blue vial there?
Supervisor: *looks* Yep!
Shooter: Oh, dear...
Supervisor: Is that bad!?
Shooter: Well, not entirely ... if this was the elephant escape drill ...
Supervisor: Man! He's going to have one h3ll of a hangover!

*Snork* at CG.

Whatthehell, *Snork* at Kibby, too.

running, monkey sounds
tranquilizers, flinging poo
weekend at mud's house

oh god the children
please stop that horible man
think of the children

aren't asian kids s'posed
to be smarter than our kids?
so wtf yo?

*Alerts World Zoological Organization to scratch this drill from "Disaster Planning Guide"*

Perimeter! Everybody drink!

(Or take a tranquilizer-gun shot, whichever.)

that is the funniest thing I've seen all day!!!!

ps - I'm trying to Turbo tax and I can'tfind my W2 - do any of y'all have it?

"Mommy, it was horrible! We were learning all about kangaroos when suddenly Dave Barry jumped out and started running all over the place. We were sooo scared! Then they shot him with a shotgun. That part was kinda cool."

It took some time for staff and Ricardo Montalbán (a.k.a. Mr. Roarke) to circulate and reassure the audience that the horror had all been a fantasy.

Traumatized a bunch o' children....I think that may be the best thing I've heard in ages.
Would have been funnier if it was driving a Banana Splits car.

They shot a gorilla in Dallas, just to watch him die.

I'm just surprised that the second one from the right isn't wearing a blue shirt...

Hey, bh - it did remind me of Fleagle....

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