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February 21, 2007


(Thanks to susyqe)


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1st to draw a blank

A spokesperson for the Hokey Pokey Hospital said, "Our normal procedure is to put the scalpel in, then take the scalpel out. The doctor just missed a step."

First? Too bad her doctors weren't as sharp as their wayward instruments!

Dave, sir??? hmm....susyqe would be ME ;-) sorry for the mixup...I remember sending that...

(if the email is susyqe@hotmail.com) that is...

Finally! I've been looking for that.

5cm scalpel??!!? (just under 2 inches for you non-metric people)

Were they letting a toddler perform the surgery?

No wonder she's feeling a bit cut up about it.

(singing) Somebodey's gonna be ri-ich, sombody's gonna be ri-ich.

You'd THINK they would have done an x-ray or something, huh???

She said: "Doctors always told me that I had nothing and that it was only a question of age."


Ease up lady! It's not like it was a cavalry sword or anything, sheesh!

'How come I have these stomach aches?'
They're nothing -just age.
'How come I set the alarms off at the airport?'
ugh... Too much iron?
' How come when I poke here it bleeds?'
Lets get you to x-ray.

How come when I poke here it bleeds - In my finger?

Ms Dias, 47, of Goiania, is contemplating legal action after the scalpel is removed later this month.

Ya think?? and the drs told her that 47 is "age", oh can i smack them, please?

forgot to turn off the itals. sorry.

*sweep sweep*

that should do it, queens

or not?

Wasn't from me! Had to be Siouxie. ;)

From **AGE**?? Since she was TWENTY-TWO?? Right.

When she gets oodles of money from the lawsuit, she can just tell them their financial pains are "Nothing, just age."

*will do the happy I was posted again dance*

I'm claiming this one!

"it was only a question of age."

Well that scalpel IS pretty old...getting rusty by now, I'd imagine...

Can a scalpel rust inside your body? No? OK, I got nuthin.

DPC, I'm assuming it was a scalpel BLADE. They're about that size and they frequently detach from the handle when being used inside the abdomen. 'Course those of us (non-Brazilians) who know what we're doing check for such things.

AGE?!?!? I have a suggestion as to what she can do with that scapel once they get it out of her. Grrrr....

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