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February 23, 2007


(Via Gizmodo)


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*Waits for the bloggettes of the female type gender to demand a crumple-izer.*

That device, BTW, is sheer genius. For novelty value alone that will be a huge seller.

*Wonders when the WipeMatic with SaniSensor™ will be brought to market*

eggzactly, Meanie. to get you TP in a bunch, as it were.

or there could be the carwash-style device, spraywash, rinse, wipe, blow-dry. Repeat if necessary.

I need one of those. I can never get my TP to fold that nicely and to distribute that evenly. Talk about anal retentive inventors, though...

That would be brushless, I hope, mm.

(Or optional for the NTTAWWT crowd).

MM-isn't that basically a bidet?

yes but a unisex bidet with add-ons. And I forgot the most important part - 2 sprays of air freshener into the general vicinity.

as to the brushless part, that would depend...

OK, someone has way to much spare time!

Multiple settings for the amount of tissue dispensed:

Chili Cookoff

I wonder if you could hook this up to a clapper..

and the settings
first thing in the morning rude awakening cold
middle-of-the-night I just want to get this done without having to wake up too much warm.
and comfy-toasty

Snork at sean! But then judging by some of the noises the male members of my family make in there, they'd be buried under a TP avalanche.

I've alerted the Bureau of Procurement at the agency I work at to order several hundred of these to match the $400 toilet seats.

Thank you for being a true American by bringing this to my attention

"We need to know the location of the suitcase bombs, now!"
"You can't make me talk, Bauer!"
"We'll see. Milo, bring me that toilet paper thingy and some duct tape. Morris, take his pants off and put his penis between those two folding prongs. Chloe, get me a beer. We may be here a while"

I don't like my toilet paper folded flat and neat...for best results I prefer it to be crumply, rounded and puffy.

Thank you.

*runs out to buy new keyboard after snorking all over it thanks to Hammie*

*ouch* Hammie...you are evil.

Awww, Siouxie...
Thank you.

Welcome...that's what we love about ya ;-)

lol, med.

Med, you forgot the setting for:



I am a crumpler....its like sandpaper, which gets off more - rough grit or smooth grit

ok, bad annology

Gah! We spend enough on T.P. at my house without having that! It would double our T.P. expense.

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