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February 26, 2007


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Holy Moly! That's scary!

Shish-kebob those. They make good eatin'.

Actually, for those of "us" who don't live in low-lying areas (pretty much all of Florida), we are safe.

Invading Sea Cucumbers unite!

those things look kinda like a BOB, in a sick and twisted way. first to say that they are GROSS.

Those look nasty...

"Interestingly they a"

They a- what???

Did they get the writer right then???

"Interestingly, they are strangely attracted to people who hunch over keyboards writing messages on Web sites and HOLY MOLEY WATCH OU-"

Deep-sea sea cucumbers...ribbed for your pleasure.

Hmmm, they kinda look like fish that have already been filleted. Oh, and with legs.

"Interestingly they aaaaaggh"
"He must have died while carving it."
"Oh, come on!"
"Well, that's what it says."
"Look, if he was dying, he wouldn't bother to carve 'aaaaaggh'. He'd just say it!"
"Well, that's what's carved in the rock!"
"Perhaps he was dictating."
"Oh, shut up."

And I, for one, welcome our new echinoderm overlords!

Snork at DPC - ya think hand grenades (holy ones) would work here?

*snork* @ writer!

Bob??? that u?

Attack of the Killer Cucumbers lacks a certain bite. I wonder if there is something called a sea tomato?

*Snork* @ Otis and DPC.

If you put them on your eyes will they reduce swelling?

*snork* @ DPC and CH

For some reason, this reminded me of the Movie "Oh God" with John Denver:

"Jerry, you haven't been oiling your Cukes."

oof, how's that for an obscure reference?

*warning - my disturbed thought process follows*

ribbed sea cucumbers => holy handgrenade => bunny => Energizer

Can you pickle the little bastards?

"Shish-kebob those. They make good eatin'."

they are also delicious raw. (plugs ears against chorus of "eeww's")

No, Superman, but you can make soap out of them.

Sthrn, holy hand grenades always work, as long as you count to 3, and not 4

...and the bot made me type "55ur55." (Am not, either! By the time I'm that age, my youngest will be driving! *shudder*)


So the Squirells have called in renforcements. This is truly the end times. Oh well at least Martin Scorsese is now Academy Award winner Martin Scorsese.

ex-Matt, but there is no #3

If they're cucumbers are they ok for vegans to eat? Should be great in little sandwiches for high tea.

Sea cucumbers? Is that what the kids are calling them these days?

Pretty crunchy, aren't they, mud? And not in the usual cucumber-y kind of way, from what I hear. Never actually tried them, but not saying I wouldn't.

They look like Walter's little brethren

They look like self propelled BOBs to me, not that I'm an expert on BOBs or things like that.

That's what they all say, Mot.


Their evil plan involves hiding out as THESE!

Women beware!! do you know where your Bob is???

Siouxie......I don't want to know......

so, 1,2,4 throw?

Fast Eddie ... obscure, yes, but I remember it well ... (I'm old, if you're new to the area and don't already know that ...)

Yikes, Siouxie, NSFW!!

Siouxie, "Click to enlarge"??????

"Click to enlarge"

If only life were that simple.

My BOB is a little more ...ummm...utilitarian... than them fancy gizmos, Siouxie. And it (he?) better be right where I left it (him?) last.

"Enlarged Sea Cucumbers" WBAGNFARB

writer132, always hover before clickie!

Patrick, only if you wanna...

Jazzzzie, go ahead...it won't bite ;-)

writer?? NSFW??

sbelle...I wouldn't know about these things...


Warning. Handle with care, object may enlarge unexpectedly.

The Dreaded KFC Fish Snackers From Punta Gorda WBAGNFA B movie.


*hangs head down in shame*

No, Mot - it's snot a blowfish. Relax.

CJ will set us straight on this, but to me they look like lungfish.

I did hover, but (*giggle*) quickly saw just "therabbit" and for some reason read it as "therapy." What can I say...I'm still recovering from Jennifer Hudson's dress last night.

Oops, and Sioux, you're right, you did warn!

Hey! I used to live in Punta Gorda! I even went to Punta Gorda Junior High School (following a year-long stint at Sallie Jones Elementary). Now I'm stuck in Missouri. Sheesh.

The March of the Sea Cucumbers sounds like the title of a modernist take on the Song of the Volga Boatmen dirge.

You realise, of course, if they're headed for Miami, it could be more evidence of the Giant Underground Weirdness Magnet.

writer, it could be therapy...just sayin' ;-)

Siouxie - absolutely!

Just my luck to post on Dave's original topic, when the thread has veered off into naughty toyland.

spiny, NTTAWWT, right??

Babes in Naughty Toyland is one of my favorite holiday shows.

Uh-oh. I've been absent lately (I even missed the last 24 thread - shame!) and am not up to date on the Blog Acronyms...

Don't most of the conversations around here wind up in Naughty Toyland?

Spiny Norman WBAGNFADSSC(deep-sea sea cucumber).

Siouxie...yes, it is!

Welcome back, Spiny!

Spiny Norman WBAGNFADSSC(deep-sea sea cucumber).
If it hadn't been claimed by a 12-foot imaginary hedgehog. ;-)

I think Slimy Norman might be better for a DSSC.

Thanks Annie! Glad to be back.

they are following the undersea magnet trail (the same one lobsters use)

one way leads to Atlantis (not the resort) the other to Miami

sthnbelle: no, not crunchy, pretty squid-like.

If I can get past the Bot shark, I will note that Mot was actually close. Sea Cukes have a defense mechanism when approached wherein the eject their digestive system [Yuck!]. Picture those critters, then add something that looks like the top from a bunch of celery coming out of their mouths. It would have the effect of sudden enlargement! So, gals, they have that going for them!

Mud - I must be thinking of something else, then. Seems like I had heard that the chitin (sp?) in them made them pretty crisp.

Spiny - Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

It's been on tv, so it must be true, especially the episode labelled, "The Ship to Nowhere."

It's been on tv, so it must be true, especially the episode labelled, "The Ship to Nowhere."

You're thinking about grasshoppers, sthn... sea cucumbers are kinda like oversized snails, but without the shell.

the weird magnet bot made me do it.

Cucumbers be
Under the sea
In an octopus's garden in the shade
They slice up nice
Don't need no spice
Cos they grow up in a salty marinade

I'd ask my friends to bring more greens
A little kelp, and some seaweeds

I'd like to be
Under the sea
While the octopus's salad's being made.

Stevie, You'd get by with a little kelp from Your Friends?

OT: I saw someone comment on the Oscars thread about Jack's hair (or lack thereof)...I just checked our TV writer's blog, and here's the insider info from Jack hisself:

It's actually for a movie I'm doing with Morgan Freeman called "The Bucket List." It's about a guy who is terminally ill with cancer.


lol, gadfly. Here comes the sunfish.

Thanks for the update! The baldy Jack comment was from me. The bot blacklisted me immediately thereafter, so you might want to be careful w132 - the bot apparently don't take kindly to people dissin' da man.

I think those things look like little plastic rayguns from an old sci-fi movie, but I always was kind o' clueless...

Going out for awhile.....*leaves snorks for SteveW while gone*

Thanks, writer132 - I was worried about him.


Spiny - Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
An old one no less. D'oh!

Snork at Annie's Dreaded KFC Fish Snackers From Punta Gorda

I'm really glad to hear that about Jack. It was not a good look for him.

*waves hi to Jazzzz*

Didn't see you there before. ;)

Hey El...worked late, then had to do a couple of things here. Then had an appointment... Just got in, will try to catch up.

Holy Holothurians!

Do these critters look like lemmings or what?!?

Seriously, sea cucumbers were one of the reasons for exploration and trade in the Pacific in the early 1800s. The Chinese prized them as delicacies. AKA trepang and beche de mer. Despite the humble sea cucumber's economic, ethnographic, and historical significance, I think I'll just stick to munching coconuts copra...

Hey! I saw those cooked up on Iron Chef once!

(They made ice cream out of them!)

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